Road Rage Between a Senior Citizen and 25-Year-Old Ends with a Head Injury and Arrest

road rage

Christian Pinto

By Hank McCoy

A road rage incident on Riverside Drive ended with one man going to the hospital for a head injury and another in custody over an alleged battery.

On May 31 at 5:16 p.m., Christian Pinto, 25, of Tamarac, allegedly struck victim Simon Motola, 66, of Margate, in the face, knocking him to the ground, causing a head injury.

Witnesses allege Motola, in his black Lexus, almost collided with Pinto, in a red Honda heading northbound on 2200 Riverside Drive. Pinto then reportedly retaliated by throwing a green can at Motola’s vehicle. The two men then came to an abrupt stop before the Royal Palm intersection.

Both men allegedly left their vehicles and began yelling at one another.  Pinto reportedly threw a water bottle at Motola striking his driver’s side door.  Motola then grabbed a baton from his vehicle, which he held at his side. 

According to the police report, Pinto charged Motola, swung at him with his right forearm, striking him. Once hit, Motola immediately fell to the street.

Pinto ran back to his car, but other drivers blocked Pinto’s car from leaving the scene. Pinto was heard complaining that he had his baby in the car with him.  Pinto’s three-week-old son was indeed in the backseat of his red Honda.

After Motola was released from the hospital, he met with a detective at his residence to give his sworn statement. Motola admitted to having a baton on him, but was struck by Pinto quickly and didn’t remember anything else.

Motola was accused of pulling a gun during a road dispute in Boca Raton back in 2015.

Christian Pinto was transported to the Coral Springs Police Department and later transported to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

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