Woman’s Mistaken Identity: Hotel Room Encounter Leads to Rape Charges

Uninvited Hotel Guest Charged with Sexual Battery after Alleged Rape in Coral Springs

Tyshawn Dias {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A man has been arrested and charged with burglary and sexual battery after allegedly raping a woman as she slept in a Coral Springs hotel room under the mistaken belief that he was her ex-boyfriend.

On February 25, the alleged victim reported to Coral Springs Police Tyshawn Dias, 27, of Sunrise, entered her hotel room uninvited and raped her while her toddler slept nearby. 

According to the arrest report, the incident occurred on February 24 at the Studio Six hotel at 5645 North University Drive, where the alleged victim stayed with her son. 

The victim told police she had invited her ex-boyfriend over to visit, and after some time together at the hotel, the man left without engaging in sexual intercourse with her.

The report says the victim told police that earlier that day, she had noticed the hotel’s door did not properly close but believed when her ex-boyfriend left, the door did fully close. 

The victim told police after falling asleep; she awoke to a man having vaginal intercourse with her, and, believing the man to be her ex-boyfriend, did not hesitate or initially resist. The report states the sexual intercourse spanned multiple positions, including those where the victim and Dias would have come face-to-face, albeit in a dark room. 

During the incident, the victim said in horror that she realized the man, later identified as Dias, was not her ex-boyfriend after feeling his long hair and hearing him speak. 

The victim told police she began to cry,  yelling ‘You raped me!” and asked Dias, “Who are you?” to which he replied, “You know who I am.” 

The victim said once Dias exited the room, she called the police. Dias reportedly attempted to return to the room to smooth things over and explain who he was, but the victim says she screamed at him to leave. 

The arrest report says that during their search for Dias at the hotel, officers pinpointed a room connected to him and asked the occupants if they could enter.

Once inside the room, officers located an expandable black suitcase that appeared to contain a human hiding inside. After multiple loud demands by police, Dias unzipped the suitcase he was in, exited, and was taken into custody for questioning. 

During questioning, the report states Dias changed his story of what transpired that night multiple times, with versions ranging from having never entered the victim’s room, to accidentally entering then leaving, to having sex with the victim, who he assumed was a prostitute, and leaving $60 as payment when he left. 

After multiple interviews and a full investigation, Dias was arrested the next day and transported to the Broward County Main Jail, where he is currently being held without bond. 

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