Coral Springs Hosts Virtual Mayor’s Town Hall Meeting with Panelists

Mayor Scott Brook

Mayor Scott Brook

By Sharon Aron Baron

Coral Springs invites the public to join them for the Mayor’s Town Hall to discuss social issues affecting our community.

The following are panelists for the event: Mayor Scott Brook, Shawn Kahn, Mental Health Clinician, Grace Carrington Broward Democratic Committee State Committeewoman, and Amed Avila, Managing Director of Fiduciary Trust Company International.

A moderator will submit residential comments and questions for panelist response. Those who participate online can submit video questions in advance here no later than July 17. Simply use your cell phone to record your message (include your name), ensure your question or comment is 15 seconds or less, then upload.

Residents can ask questions live or in advance on the city’s Facebook page and can join live online via Facebook, or on City TV. Panelists must complete their questions within two minutes to allow for additional community participation.

All participants must adhere to FCC guidelines for the live broadcast.  No foul language, derogatory or defamatory remarks. 


The Town Hall will be held Tuesday, July 21, 2020, at 7 p.m.

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