More Victims of Extortion Come Forward


By: Sharon Aron Baron

A Coral Springs teenager is facing a two additional criminal charges of extortion after police say more women have come forward saying that he demanded cash or sexual favors or else he would distribute their compromising photos.

On October 16, Ricardo Antonio Carrion, 18, was arrested for extortion and named two other potential victims.  The first victim was contacted by Carrion who demanded money and oral sex in exchange for not publishing photographs on an internet pornography website as well as not sending them to her current boyfriend.   She had sent six photos of herself ranging from partial nudity to full nudity two years prior when she was a minor child.  She stated she wished to prosecute Carrion and provided a thumb drive with screen shots of her text message conversations with him.  Embedded within the text messages were the photographs in question.

Ricardo Antonio Carrion

Ricardo Antonio Carrion

Carrion told the victim that he had a friend that worked for the pornographic website “BangBros” and that friend was willing to pay him for the photos.  Carrion told the victim that she could either pay him for the pictures and then delete them off his phone.

He had a second plan in mind but hadn’t thought of it yet.   The victim asked Carrion how much money he wanted and he replied that his friend at the porn site offered $600.  Carrion stated that she probably did not have that much money, and for her to make an offer and suggested that she pay him $300.  She replied that he would not get it tomorrow and that he would have to wait until she got paid on payday.  Carrion then stated “If you can’t give it to me by tmw, then imma just have to sell them to my nigga.”

The victim asked what the second plan was and Carrion told her that it was $200 plus oral sex.  She said she did not want to do that.  Carrion then stated that if she thought he was “playing,” he could send the pictures to her boyfriend.  She said she would text him when she had the money.

The second victim was identified from information found on Carrion’s cell phone. She stated she had a relationship with him during her Junior year in High School.

Carrion recently borrowed and lost a camera belonging to the victim and she had asked Carrion to replace it because she needed it for school.  Carrion texted her, “I’ll buy you one if you fuck me. Only way.” Carrion then recommended to her that he still had all of those pictures of her.  She asked him why and Carrion stated, “So I can use them against you in a situation like this.”

She asked Carrion to get rid of the pictures and he replied, “If you fuck me, I’ll give you my phone and you can delete them for yourself. Promise.”   The victim replied that she would not have sex with him.

Carrion then advised her that he would give her until the next Sunday to think about it and if she didn’t have sex with him, he would tag the photos of her on Instagram.  Carrion proceeded to send three digital photos via text message that she had sent him prior.

The victim asked Carrion not to post the pictures, and Carrion threatened to send them to her boyfriend.  She told Carrion that she had trusted him and had never done anything to him and asked him why would he post them.  Carrion replied, “Cus I kno you won’t have sex wit me.” Carrion then told the victim that her younger brother would see the pictures of her since he followed Carrion on Instagram and asked Carrion to leave her alone.

Carrion then told the victim to give him $100 and he would not send them to her younger brother.  Carrion stated that he still loved her and that is why he was doing this to her.  The victim stated she did not have any money.  Carrion replied, “Start sucking dick, then IDK do what you gotta do.” Carrion then said to the victim, “Sex or $100, I’m being way more ruthless wit the pics of the other girls so your getting a break.”  The victim again asks Carrion to leave her alone and that she didn’t have anything.  Carrion replied, “U have a vagina, that’s good enough.”

On October 29, a search warrant was obtained for Carrion’s Iphone 5. On November 5, a forensic examination was conducted on the phone by the Coral Spring’s police department where text messages and digital photographs were recovered that correlated with the information provided by the victim.

On November 19, contact was made with Carrion’s defense attorney and was advised of additional charges.  Carrion presented himself at the Coral Springs Police Department where he was processed and transported to the Broward Sheriff’s Office Jail.

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