New Torah Dedication for Chabad of Southwest Coral Springs

By: Sharon Aron Baron

On Sunday, May 19th, the Chabad of Southwest Coral Springs will finally be receiving their long-awaited new Torah.  Since last June, a scribe in Israel has been painstakingly working on the Torah commissioned by them.  This is no easy task.  An authentic Torah scroll is a mind-boggling masterpiece of labor and skill. Comprising between 62 and 84 sheets of parchment-cured, tanned, scraped and prepared according to exacting Torah law specifications containing exactly 304,808 letters. The resulting handwritten scroll takes many months to complete at a cost of $40,000.

When they finally finish this year-long project, the entire community is invited to join their Torah completion and dedication and watch as they inscribe the very last of the handwritten letters and enjoy a full service luncheon at the Coral Springs Country Club. Many participants will have the opportunity to fill in one of the last letters of the Torah.

Rather than receiving funding from one or a handful of families, the funding for this Torah has been a joint effort of the entire community. The Chabad is offering a number of sponsorship opportunities to allow everyone the ability to participate in this special Mitzvah, or good deed. Their goal is to have a sponsor for every one of the the 53 portions of the Torah.

In Deuteronomy 31/19 the Torah states: “So now, write this song for yourselves..” The sages learn from this verse that every Jew is commanded to write a Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll). The Rambam writes (Hilchot sefer torah 7:1) that since the lack of one Torah letter causes a Torah Scroll to be invalid, the commandment can be fulfilled by writing a single letter of a completed scroll.”

The grand procession will take the Torah to Chabad of Southwest Coral Springs on Atlantic Blvd where The Torah will be placed under a Chupah, or wedding canopy, on the back of a truck and marching bands will lead the way. Upon arrival at the Chabad Center, as a show of respect and honor, all the other Torah Scrolls will be taken out of the ark to greet the new Torah, and a large group of dancing Rabbis will be there to greet and energize the crowd. The concluding Hakafot ceremony and Desserts & Dancing will be open to the public, and anyone who wishes to be part of the celebration is welcome to join.

Would you like to be a part of the CommUnity Torah?  Find out more information here


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