Owner Claims Dog That Coral Springs Police Shot Was Not Vicious

Owner Claims Dog That Coral Springs Police Shot Was Not Vicious


By: Sharon Aron Baron

When Julissa Santos arrived home on Monday evening, she knew something wasn’t right. Her neighbor frantically approached her yelling, “I told them not to shoot, I told them not to shoot.”

The last thing in her mind was that her beloved eight-year-old pit bull Juicyy was dead.

The neighbor told Santos that while her dogs were loose in the parking lot of their duplex, someone called the police. When they arrived, they were able to get one of her dogs inside of a vehicle, but her other dog ran back to her apartment.

She said the sergeant went to her door and when he opened it, Juicyy ran outside and barked.

Owner Claims Dog That Coral Springs Police Shot Was Not Vicious

Juicyy on the floor of the animal hospital where she would later be euthanized.

“She’s not vicious, she’s harmless,” said Santos who alleges that Juicyy ran out of the house and the sergeant followed her to the parking lot and shot her in the face two times. 

“He was taunting the dog and the dog started running around. The officer told my neighbor that the dog tried to bite one of the officers.”

In a statement from Coral Springs Police, they responded to a call at 3600 block of  NW 114 Lane that there was a loose dog in the area. The officer spoke with a group of neighbors to try to find the home of the dog’s owner. When the officer proceeded to the owner’s residence to return the loose dog, the officer was confronted by a second dog, which was an aggressive pit bull mix.

The officer used verbal commands and attempted to create distance, however, the dog continued to charge the officer, who was forced to discharge his firearm.

Santos doesn’t believe her dog was aggressive because she’s never had any problems before.  “I never had problems with my other dog either.”

After shooting the dog, she said the officers went inside her home and took Juicyy to Coral Springs Animal Hospital, where she would have to be put down – unless Santos could pay $15,000 in medical costs, which she could not afford.

She had no idea how the dogs got out of the house.  “I left, and the last person that left may not have locked the door.”

After visiting the police station on Tuesday morning for answers, she was disappointed to learn that Coral Springs Police officers don’t wear body cameras, therefore, there was no video of the incident.

“I know they’re trying to protect themselves. I know they’re going to lie about it,” said Santos.  “I know my dog was not capable of attacking somebody –  and they are saying my dog lunged at them.  Supposedly this sergeant has dogs of his own, so he should know how to handle stuff like this.” 

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