Photos Will Take You on a Trip Back to the 1980’s

Girls at Coral Springs festival in 1983 The girls facing are Michelle, Barbara, and Dina. Photo by Steven Martin.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Old photos captured a moment in time depicting Coral Springs residents in another era.  A time when cellphones were nonexistent and neighborhoods were filled with children playing outdoors and riding their bicycles.

From 1979 to 1985, Steven Martin lived in the city and took up photography shortly after he moved in. During that time, he captured many fascinating images of residents and published them online where they have received thousands of views as well as comments.

What’s so unique are the quality of the photos and how they clearly show the fashion trends from 30 years ago.

“I was in my late teens and early 20s at the time, so many of my subjects, as you can see from my Flickr site, were of fellow teens and kids that lived around me,” said Martin.

Having graduated from high school before moving here with his family, Martin lived close to Coral Springs High School where his sister attended.  He went to Broward Community College and eventually moved to Lake Worth in 1985 to be closer to his job at Motorola.

Currently living in Texas, Martin has lost contact with everyone in the photos.  He has visited Coral Springs several times, once where he visited a festival in the early 1990s which also can be seen along with his other photography.

Whether or not you have grown up here, you’ll find these images a fascinating look back into our past. If you would like to see more photos by Steven Martin, please visit him on Flickr: StevenM_61. If you recognize someone in the photos, please write their name in the comments section.

Girls at a festival, Coral Springs, 1983- Carolyn M., Randi F., and Michelle. Photo by Steven Martin.

Neighborhood Kids playing, 1984 The boy, Jamie, stretches while a girl is about to kick him. – Photo by Steven Martin


Julie C. December 1981 – This is the first color photo I took. In my photography class at the time, I used black-and-white film. I got Julie, the neighborhood girl, to be the first person I photographed in color. Julie was about 12 at the time. She would pose for a number of later photographs. – by Steven Martin

Fashionable Girl, Hollywood Beach, 1985 The girl on the left could be a poster girl for Eighties fashion, especially with her big hair. Girl on right holds a pink radio. – Photo by Steven Martin

Girl at Coral Springs festival, 1983 – by Steven Martin

Julie and friend pose, 1982 – My pretty teenage neighbor from the ’80s pose with another friend of hers. – Photo by Steven Martin


Julie & Friends, 1984 – Julie, who appears in other photos I posted earlier, poses with her boyfriend and another girl reading a book in one of my earlier photos. Photo by Steven Martin


Pam 1983. Photo by Steven Martin.


Neighborhood Kids Playing Ball, 1983 – Photo by Steven Martin


John & friend, 1983 – John was a teenage neighbor of mine when I lived in Coral Springs in the ’80s and the brother of Julie, whom I’ve already posted several photos of. Here he is with a friend, whose name I do not remember. Photo by Steven Martin.

Women at a festival booth, Coral Springs, 1983 The woman on the right paid only scant attention to me. – Photo by Steven Martin


Julie and Boyfriend, 1984 – Julie at the wheel of a car with her boyfriend at that time. I think Julie was 15 at the time. Why she was in the car’s driver’s seat, I don’t know. Photo by Steven Martin

John in Fashion Pose, 1984 John shows off his idea of fashion for the ’80s. – Photo by Steven Martin

Couple playing video games, 1983 Taken at a flea market, Margate, Florida – Photo by Steven Martin.


Kids skipping class in my Neighborhood, 1984 – I lived near a high school at the time. I caught these kids playing basketball at a neighbor’s hoop while cutting class. They then noticed me and didn’t like me photographing them. I actually threatened to blackmail them while I retreated toward my house – Photo by Steven Martin.

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