$10 PlayStation Charge Ignites Chaos: Man Arrested for Domestic Battery

PlayStation Payback: Coral Springs Man Charged Arrested After Being 'Whipped' Over Gaming Purchase

Guillermo Santiago. {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A $10 charge for a video game leads to a man facing domestic battery charges.

On July 18, the Coral Springs Police Department responded to a reported domestic disturbance call near the 4100 block of Northwest 88th Avenue. 

According to the arrest report, CSPD officers initially spoke with a neighbor who reported overhearing shouting and what sounded like glass breaking from within the residence. Officers knocked on the apartment door where the neighbor believed the commotion to be coming, and a man, later identified as Guillermo Claudio Santiago, 22, of Coral Springs, answered.

Officers reported immediately seeing a significant amount of shattered glass scattered in plain view on the floor, so Guillermo was asked to step out so they could ensure everyone within the home was safe. 

According to the arrest report, upon questioning, Santiago informed the officers that an argument had erupted between himself and his wife over a $10 charge on his PlayStation account. 

According to his version, his wife had become upset over the unapproved charges and, in retaliation, cut the power cord of his PlayStation with scissors and began whipping him with the severed cord. 

In response, Guillermo admitted to officers that he pushed his wife and proceeded to damage multiple items and break glass throughout the residence.

During their investigation, Officer Gabino spoke with the victim, who confirmed that the argument initially began over financial matters.

Santiago was arrested and transported to the Broward County Main Jail.

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Ryan Yousefi
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