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By: Dan I. Cook

I remember when no one in Broward County was serving chicken wings. My first recollection of seeing wings on a menu was in the early 80’s at place called Wings Plus. I’m an Oakland Park boy so the Wings Plus I’m talking about is located at Prospect Road near Andrews Avenue. I never went to the one on West Sample Road until I moved to Coral Springs back in 2002.

Back then I wasn’t really a fan of chicken wings. I was more into sub sandwiches and pizza. As I got older, my palette changed and chicken wings evolved – no longer did chicken wings come mild, medium, and hot. A place called Chez Porkey’s in Pompano Beach changed all that when they introduced their raspberry wings. Nobody was making raspberry wings or any other flavor at that time. I laughed when I heard about these raspberry wings until I ate some. They were pretty damn good. All of a sudden wing joints were offering all kinds of different flavors to choose from. That was when I become of fan of chicken wings.

My Favorites

My two favorite restaurants that make the best chicken wings are Calypso Pub in Pompano Beach and Hooters. Calypso Pub’s chicken wings are plump, juicy and freaking outstanding. Their jerked chicken wings will blow you away. If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can smell all the different spices that are on these babies. They serve them with a side of honey mustard which also changes the flavor profile of these wings.

Hooters: I’m sure when some people read that they started laughing at me and immediately questioned my ability to judge great food. For all you smart asses out there, there was a time when Hooters Restaurant was not a household name. As a young man, I couldn’t resist going there to look at the beautiful women wearing dolphin shorts. Shoot, I still love it. But when they rolled on the scene, no one was breading wings anything like Hooters. The breading and it’s seasonings really set them apart. Plus, the wings are huge and their hot sauce is delicious.

The Nominees Are….

  • Annie’s Pizza
  • Bonefish Mac’s Sports Grille
  • Bru’s Room Sports Grill
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings
  • Lefty’s Tavern & Grill
  • Pasquale’s Pizza & Subs
  • Publix
  • Sicilian Oven Restaurant
  • Wings ‘N’ Ale
  • Wings Plus

Vote for your favorite on the poll below.  The poll will run for one week from the day it’s posted. The judges will visit the top three restaurants and we will sample the signature wing they have. Again, this will not be limited to just a plain chicken wing – we want their best.  Thanks again and may the best chicken wings win!

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Dan Cook

Dan Cook
A native of Broward, Half-Samoan Half-Irish or Afa Tasi, Food Warrior, Beer Ninja, United States Marine, owner/talent of danicookeatdrink.com. Retired Oakland Park Police Department/BSO Sergeant, DLE.

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