New Programs Slated for Coral Springs after Parks and Rec Master Plan Approved


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By Hank McCoy

Programs to keep Coral Springs healthy and active are now covered for the next 20 years after the city commission approved the Parks and Recreation master plan.  

After 15 months of evaluating the city’s services and receiving feedback from thousands of Coral Springs residents, on September 21, the city commission approved the overview presented by the Parks and Recreation Department in collaboration with Environmental Planning & Design LLC (EPD). 

“The plan gives direction and flexibility with future projects,” said Robert Hunter, Director of Parks and Recreation, “A key component of it, because it’s a 20-year plan. Obviously, we’re going to need that flexibility with projects in the future.” 

New park events that were recommended will bring unique flavor and excitement to the community like Movies at the Pool, Elementary School Field Days, Monster Splash, and Chess Tournaments.

Recommendations included constructing a 10,000 square foot multi-use arena/indoor recreation center, along with three new courts, an elevated walking track, and exploring the idea of a senior center. 

“I just like that this is flexible,” said Commissioner Larry Vignola, “If you told me ten years ago that we were going to pay attention to something called pickleball, my head would’ve spun.” 

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There were many operational and infrastructure changes/upgrades recommended — including a GPS and Park Inventory System, a new organizational chart to reorganize the department for efficiency, and hiring a Rec Programmer to do citywide fitness initiatives with a new implementation of community-based programs along with contractual ones. 

Hunter expressed how well the city worked with EPD and that the plan gives the city guidance, as well as putting them on the path to accreditation. 

“There is no sitting around in Coral Springs and when action is on a path there is an end in sight and the opportunities to get there,” Carolyn Yagle Director of Planning and Policy at EPD said in response to the determination of the city’s Parks and Rec Department.

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