Proposed Changes Allow for Expansion of Curbside Pickup Parking in Coral Springs


By Hank McCoy

For restaurants and retail shops to survive the economic fallout from COVID-19, curbside pickup and to-go order parking is a vital lifeline needed for their businesses.

On August 19, the city commission approved a second reading for changes to off-street parking requirements and time-limited parking regulations. 

“Right before COVID started we were working with some of the bigger boxes like Target and Walmart on incorporating the curbside takeaway, like they have right now,” Julie Krolak, Assistant Director of Development Services explained. “As COVID has changed everything, a lot of the smaller businesses have also come forward wanting to do different types of curbside takeaway.”

Proposed changes would allow for the expansion of time-limited parking for curbside pickup and to-go orders.

The number of parking spaces a business could use for curbside pickup or to-go orders would depend on the square footage of the establishment. 

The changes would also reduce the amount of off-street parking required for certain businesses when the current number of spaces is unnecessary due to the pandemic. City staff also believe these changes could make it easier for new businesses to meet the off-street parking requirements.

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“We are recommending the reduction of a number of parking requirements. Some of them are very little, but it can make a big difference for a new business that’s going in. Sometimes they’re just short, a space or two,” Krolak said.

Final approval will be held on September 2.

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