Sewage and Water Rates Set to Increase for the Coral Springs Water District

Coral Springs Water Sewage

By Hank McCoy

Sewage and water rates are slated to increase by 3.5 percent for Coral Springs residential and commercial properties within the boundaries of the Coral Springs Water District on October 1.

On August 19, the city commission unanimously approved and set a second reading on September 2 for increasing the rates.

This increase will generate enough revenue for the city to support the operations of the water utility, also referred to as “sewerage.”

“This is an increase for the Coral Springs Water District only, based on the wastewater rates survey to fund operations and any capital repairs that we would need,” said Kim Moskowitz, Director of Financial Services.

The Coral Springs Water District is Wiles Road to the north to Royal Palm Boulevard to the south and Riverside Drive on the west to 441 to the east.

Residential customers living in single-family homes will see a monthly increase of .49 cents for water and .81 cents for sewage when it comes to base charges. 

The average monthly consumption for a single-family residence is 5,000 gallons of water, and based on this number of residential customers,  they will see a total monthly increase of $2.48, bringing the monthly costs from $70.96 to $73.44.

Commercial customers will see a monthly increase of $3.91 for water and $6.46 for sewage with regards to base charges. 

The average monthly consumption for a commercial user is 40,000 gallons of water. Based on this average, they will see a total increase of $21.35, raising their monthly costs from $609.70 to $631.05.

For those who own vacant lots where sewer service is available but not currently being utilized, they are still required to pay sewer standby charges. 

Owners of vacant lots where no water meter is installed, yet water lines are available for water services, they’ll be charged a monthly water standby charge.

No standby charges for water or sewage will be imposed on vacant properties that are connected to a residential property where the owner lives and owns both properties.

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