Coral Springs Residents Speak Out This Week


By Sharon Aron Baron

Our readers continue to be outspoken about our articles and aren’t shy about expressing their views.  We’ve gathered a few of the comments emailed to us or on social media on some of the hot issues on Coral Springs Talk this week.

Mask Mandates

Our article about State education officials making good on their threat to withhold the salaries of Broward County School Board members who voted for a student mask mandate.  

Good.. they need to realize they aren’t in charge of our kids.

Keep your kids at home and be in charge all you want then!

That’s exactly what they’re elected to do.

The people elected and sworn oaths to help kids aren’t in charge of kids… but a political official committing literal fascism while going against a legally binding court order… is a good thing? Please explain.

It’s only fair DeSantis’s salary gets withheld too!

No, if your child is unvaccinated, he doesn’t go to [the] public school system thus resulting in homeschooling

Yeah, totally makes sense that way parents that do their “research” on social media can implement their findings during a pandemic with a respiratory virus.

COVID-19 Cases in Broward Schools

In our article on August 27, Broward Schools Report 357 COVID-19 Cases Among Students and Staff.  Plenty of residents shared their expertise on the effectiveness of masks.

You recently published an article about the rising covid rate at Broward schools and referenced Broward schools covid dashboard. As a teacher at a Broward County school, I call tell you for a fact that the data there is incorrect. My school reports zero cases among students, yet I have three students out because they tested positive.

How is that possible if masks work? Oh yeah, that’s right, they don’t!

Take a microbiology course. It’s real simple.

Aerosolized particles do not come at you in a straight line. they surround us in the air.

Let’s try this even more simplified… remember pig pen in peanuts/Charlie brown.. he is surrounded by a cloud of dirt? that is aerosolized. If you are within the cloud.. you are breathing in the dirt.. any opening in the top or sides of that mask are just how the contaminate gets in.. without any blockage at all.

A large virus particle is roughly 40 microns. If you taped the mask to your child’s face the average space between strands of cloth would be close to 300 microns… a virus goes right through it.

Masks do nothing…

But lucky for you, only 323 children 18 or under have died in the last 18 months from this disease.. did you know that over 2000 have died of Pneumonia in the same time period?

Because science..maybe stop with the political agendas and get back to actual science.

If you took microbiology and you don’t understand why wearing a mask works…I feel sorry for you. Again, it doesn’t work when you’re inhaling the respiratory droplets, it works because it blocks the respiratory droplets from coming out of you in your mask for others’ protection. Genius.

This is people bringing it in. Not spreading it. I’d say Broward did much better than Palm Beach, which wasn’t all masked. So you can think about that.

Keep in mind that Broward County has way more students than Palm Beach County. Masks do help.

Yep, my Granddaughter’s whole class was sent home and tested and did busy work online for a whole week. School didn’t start out so great.

Out of roughly 260,000 students!!!!!!!! That has .13%. Read that point one three percent! More kids probably have RSV.

These same kids and teachers can still go into restaurants and take their masks right off as they sit down. Something is really off here. For real.

Sergeant Patrick Madison

After our announcement that Sergeant Patrick “Pat” Madison, a decorated 15-year member of the Coral Springs Police Department, died from complications of COVID-19. 

So sad. Praying for his family.

Rest In Peace. Thank you for your service, Sir.

Can’t believe it. I had just seen him 3 weeks ago. Rest in peace

This is so sad. I spoke to him 3 days after Father’s Day in my complex. He was investigating officer. I know him for over 15 years when I was working at Subway in Brookside Plaza together with all the other officers. This is really sad

 My condolences to his family my he Rip my brother pass away last week with the same thing

Other posts regarding covid deaths have at least asked the question about vax status. Was it omitted from the article?

Condolences to the family.

Rest In Peace! Sorry for the loss a good man!

Damn this Virus!

My true and sincere condolences to all! May He rest in peace!


Opinions were split on our announcement of a new Popeyes coming to Coral Springs. The commission voted 4-1 to permit CR Cypress Run, LLC, to develop the location at 10599-10667 W. Atlantic Boulevard allowing conditional use to operate and a special exception to an escape lane. Many readers were upset with the city for “allowing” the restaurant, but as long as the applicant met the requirements, they cannot deny them.

On Wednesday, Sept. 1, the City of Coral Springs Commissioners voted 4-1 to give a plaza owner the exemptions it needed to build a commercial drive through closer to residents (I.E I’m the closest resident). A lot of the show and pony commission was on how Popeyes was so great. And I don’t have anything against Popeyes which I voiced at the meeting. What I can Argue, is that I see this as a violation, against mine and my neighbors’ civil liberty to the pursuit of happiness. This was a push by the owner of the plaza to build against code (that was there to protect the liberties of homeowners). The representative for the plaza seemed to act on the behalf of Popeyes but when posed with specific questions by the commission regarding the restaurant he then specifically stated that he only represented the owner of the plaza. That immediately raised red flags in my mind and I then realized that this was an actual push for encroachment to the community by the a commercial owner.

Just what Coral Springs needs is another restaurant.

Maybe they should put it at the mall. They have plenty of room there.

Need Shake Shack and a Flannigan’s.

They’re rebuilding the Publix Plaza at Ramblewood and said there will be a new drive-thru restaurant there. Popeyes was my guess!

Just what they need another fast food place

I have been hoping for a Popeye’s to come to CS for a very long time, but when this was first brought up a month ago, or so my first thought was what a horrible idea based on location. Then a week ago, I happened to drive past there and made sure to take a look at the proposed location. That spot looks too small for a drive thru anything, and that parking lot is pretty busy with the Walmart market already. No idea why they would want to be that far from University Dr. and the number of vehicles that travel every day. How about the old Boston Market location or the open area just east of Big Lots in the mall parking lot where the covid trailers are now. That spot is a lot larger than the one proposed. It’s only used for fireworks and Christmas tree tents which can be relocated. These businesses rely on roads with high traffic counts. A much higher traffic count on that corner. Not so much that far west on Atlantic as it is basically those that live out that way or heading for the Sawgrass. Seeing that I’ve done this kind of thing in my career many moons ago, this has me shaking my head in disbelief. Horrible location!

We have 2 locations around me, and their customer service sucks a–! Great chicken but not worth the hassle!

Popeyes sells a whole Cajun turkey for Thanksgiving that is sooo good! Hope they open by then!!

Great fried chicken. It would be nice to see a safer location to visit.

Yay!! Love Popeyes!

I can finally move back.

There’s one on Commercial like 5 minutes south of the CS borderline guys lol… not sure why everyone gets so excited for this. Bring me a white castle, an in and out, or something we don’t have for 50-100 miles.. then I’ll get hyped.

I love the chicken, but if you don’t see the element this is going to attract, you’re in denial.

I’m confused. We want to mandate masks and vaccines so we stay healthy, and then we open Popeyes. Just makes no sense.

Great! Popeyes is only in majority-black neighborhoods, but I am glad they are building one in this neighborhood. I shouldn’t have to drive 20 mins out to get some Popeyes!

To the people equating fast food to poor diet and lack of exercise, it’s simple. If you don’t like the food, don’t eat it or buy it. Equating the increase of crime because a fried chicken joint is coming to Coral Springs is basically racially profiling and very lame without posting crime stats because a Popeye’s is coming to Coral Springs. These franchises spend a lot of money on traffic studies and felt that Coral Springs would be a great location to compete with KFC.

Thank God Popeyes is a helluva lot better than KFC, and now I don’t have to drive to Deerfield or the middle of Pompano, lol.

That’s good. I’ll go to that one in Coral Springs instead of the one on Commercial Boulevard. Lauderdale Hill people are about as friendly as hell and it’s busy all the time.

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