Restaurant Worker Fired For Writing ‘PIG’ on Coral Springs Police Officer’s Receipt


By Kevin Deutsch

A local restaurant worker was fired from his job Monday after he identified a Coral Springs Police Officer as a “PIG” on his purchase receipt, the officer’s union said.

“Today, a Coral Springs police officer in uniform ordered his lunch at a local restaurant,” Coral Springs Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 87 said in posts on Twitter and Facebook. “When he looked at his receipt, he saw the name on the order said ‘PIG.’ The officer confronted the cashier who reiterated his disdain for law enforcement, at which time management became aware of the issue.”

The union was notified by the officer and “immediately responded to the restaurant to address the incident with management,” the union said in their post.

“We’re happy to hear that management had already terminated the employee and expressed their appreciation for our police officers,” the union said.

The union did not identify the restaurant and redacted identifying information from the restaurant receipt it posted online.

Reactions on social media were supportive of the decision to fire the worker.

“This is disgusting! Glad he is no longer employed,” wrote Facebook user Kristina Ann. “To all of you in uniform, thank you for protecting us and keeping our families safe!”

looked at his receipt, he saw the name on the order said ‘PIG.’

The restaurant receipt given to the police officer. Credit: Coral Springs Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 87

The local police union is a vocal critic of anti-police rhetoric and activity in Coral Springs.

In August, when a ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag sticker was peeled off the front door of Gyroville at 1750 N. University Dr.—a business owned by former NYPD officers—the union said the motive for the sticker’s removal was “hate” for police.

“Upsetting to see this in Coral Springs,” the lodge said in a social media post. “This theft wasn’t committed for personal gain; it was committed out of hate!”

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