Band of Robbers Steal Music Equipment from School of Rock, Then Return it

Band of Robbers Steal Music Equipment from School of Rock, Then Return it

Burny Pelsmajer, regional manager for School of Rock in front of equipment truck {courtesy}.

By Sherry Nabbie-Singh

Criminals made some noise and put on a show when they targeted the School of Rock band equipment, but the thieves returned the stolen goods in an encore performance. 

Burny Pelsmajer, Broward County regional manager for School of Rock, said the theft of musical equipment occurred on April 14 after the van was packed up for a performance. 

While parked behind their location at 7544 Wiles Road, Pelsmajer was alerted something was wrong with the van and discovered the passenger window was smashed and $20,000 worth of music equipment missing.

After filing a report with the Coral Springs Police, the robbery took an unbelievable turn.

Pelsmajer was waiting for a business to replace the van’s broken glass when he noticed the missing equipment had mysteriously returned. 

“I get in the van, and I look back, and it’s all there,” he said. “I was so surprised.”

While he expressed both shock and gratitude, he immediately contacted Coral Springs Police once again. They took another report and checked the equipment for fingerprints.

According to Pelsmajer, not all of the items were returned and estimates that around $1,000 worth of equipment is still missing, including a drum set given to the school by a friend of a musician who had passed.

“It’s not that we can’t buy a new drum set, but that one was given to us. The person who gave it to us said the owner loved music and would want the kids to have it,” said Pelsmajer. 

Plesmajer said he did not know who committed the theft, but the police believe it was an inside job.

“This happened the weekend before we were supposed to play eight shows in a row, and if someone was trying to hurt us, this was the way to do it,” he said.

Plesmajer confidently added that they can still provide for the kids because that is the school’s goal. As they say in show business, the show must go on.

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