Coral Springs School Joins Verizon’s Award-Winning Technology Program

Coral Springs School Joins Verizon's Award-Winning Technology Program

Forest Glen Middle School in Coral Springs FL.

By Ryan Yousefi

Forest Glen Middle School was one of six schools joining a technology-driven initiative focused on providing equity within education for some of the most vulnerable populations across the country.

On December 5, Forest Glen, Annabel C. Perry Pre K-8, Bair Middle School, Driftwood Middle School, Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy, and Parkway Middle School announced the schools had joined the Verizon Innovative Learning program. This initiative seeks to train over 10 million youth in digital skills by 2030.

The Verizon program provides students with free technology devices, internet access, and innovative STEM learning programs to keep them connected and help facilitate learning wherever it takes place. The program also provides an on-call technology teacher to help school teachers best integrate their new digital resources. 

“Technology continues to lead the way in our classrooms and in our communities,” Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Vickie L. Cartwright said in a press release announcing the six Broward school’s inclusion in the program.

“We appreciate the expanding partnership of Verizon Innovative Learning and Digital Promise that ensures our students have access to technology and resources that allow them to excel and compete in our highly technological society.”

With the addition of the Broward schools nationwide, over 50 schools have now agreed to join the Verizon Innovative Learning program this school year. According to data provided by Verizon, the program plans to provide nearly 30,000 new students with technology resources and bring the program’s impact to 561 schools.

A total of 6,521 tablets will be provided as part of the program. The market value of the Verizon Innovative Learning program’s investment in the 1:1 device initiative is, on average, more than $2.3 million per school.

To commemorate the occasion, Forest Glen Middle School will host a kick-off event at the school located at 6501 Turtle Run Boulevard in Coral Springs on Monday, December 5, at 5 p.m.

The event will feature STEM learning stations, Sphero demonstrations, MergeCube interactions, and coding/STEM activities facilitated by student tech team members.

Forest Glen Middle School Principal Melissa Gurreonero said the program is worth celebrating not only because of the new devices at the school’s disposal but how the technology enables teachers to cater lesson plans geared towards the future. 

“Verizon Innovative Learning is not just a program that offers tablets – the tablets are the ‘eye candy’ piece of this program,” said Melissa Gurreonero via press release. 

“Verizon Innovative Learning offers an approach to learning that is cutting edge and necessary for our students to thrive in this ever-changing world.”

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Ryan Yousefi
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