A ‘Taste of Europe’ Specialty Food Store Opens in Coral Springs

taste of EuropeTaste of EuropeTaste of Europe


By Tim Priester

With the recent opening of Taste of Europe, residents who cook with specialty ingredients only found in small local markets scattered throughout Europe can now get them without using a passport.

“We offer food from Poland, Yugoslavia, and all over Europe,” said Vladimir Fedotov, whose family owns the newly opened grocery store located at 10542 Wiles Rd.

“People will love the freshly made baklava or one of the varieties of napoleons we have, ” he added.

Taste of Europe, which officially opened in October, has a fresh deli nestled inside a convenient store packed with European-style meats, cheeses, drinks, and sweets. 

But the options aren’t just reserved for desserts and specialty foods from Europe.

They will soon offer various wines and beers from Russia, Poland, and all over Europe now that they have been awarded a liquor license from the city.

A 1998 graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas and now living in Boca Raton, Fedotov said the community has been very supportive so far. However, the opening process was delayed because of the city’s temporary business closures earlier in the year due to coronavirus.

But that hasn’t dampened the spirits inside this family-owned store.

Normally it would be difficult to get delicious and ethnic food from places overseas like Russia or Yugoslavia. Still, thanks to the recent opening of a Taste of Europe, it’s now conveniently located within driving distance.

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