Teacher Arrested for Making Child Unclog Toilet with Bare Hands

Jennifer Forshey

Jennifer Forshey

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A teacher at Broward Community Charter School in Coral Springs has been charged with battery after making a child clean a clogged urinal with his hands without proper safety equipment.

On February 11, a 10 year old child provided a sworn statement that 58 year old Jennifer King Forshey of Hollywood, FL accused him of clogging the drain of a urinal in the boys bathroom at school.

According to this statement, Forshey then ordered the victim to go into the boys bathroom and use this hands to remove all the paper towel products out of the drain of the urinal. Victim held a paper towel in his hand while grabbing the paper products out of the drain of the urinal but the paper and urinal were wet enough to seep through the paper towel that was in the urinal. The bathroom also had no soap in it. According to the police report, at no time did Forshey provide victim with safety equipment prior to him reaching in the urinal or cleansing materials after he was exposed to urine. Victim further stated that the urine was not his and it was unknown who expelled the urine.

A sworn statement was taken from witness Marlin Sibler, another teacher who witnessed Forshey instruct victim to remove the paper product from the urinal and did not provide him with safety equipment.

The Dean of the school, Edward Perry, Jr., told police that the child had come to his office looking for soap because his hands smelled of urine. The child sought out the dean because when Silber was made aware that there was no soap in the bathroom, she told him to just put his hands under running water.

Today, Forshey told police that she directed the child to go into the bathroom and clean the paper towels out of the urinal. She also stated that she knew the paper towels in the urinal were wet prior to sending him to clean them out. She said that she did not provide him safety equipment to prevent his exposure to the urine and did not give him advice on how to safely clean out the urinal. She only thinks what she did was wrong because she’s in trouble for it.

Forshey was arrested and charged with battery on a child.

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