The Covery Wellness Spa Expands to Coral Springs

The Covery Wellness Spa location in New Orleans.

By Sharon Aron Baron

The Covery Wellness Spa is set to open a new location in Coral Springs.

This marks a significant step in its national expansion and brings its unique blend of restorative wellness therapies to more communities.

With locations already thriving in other states, adding a Coral Springs branch underscores the brand’s commitment to promoting holistic health and wellness.

Craig Hopson, an entrepreneur and Coral Springs resident, is at the forefront of bringing The Covery Wellness Spa to Coral Springs. Hopson’s decision to introduce this wellness concept to the area is driven by a deep understanding of the community’s growing emphasis on health and well-being.

“Coral Springs, with its vibrant and diverse population, provides a unique setting where individuals increasingly recognize the importance of self-care and holistic health,” Hopson told Coral Springs Talk.

His vision is to create a wellness sanctuary that aligns with the city’s supportive atmosphere and commitment to healthy living.

According to him, The Covery Wellness Spa will offer a wide range of cutting-edge services not commonly found in traditional spas. Among these are cold therapy, state-of-the-art sauna sessions, red light therapy, advanced muscle stimulation techniques, personalized intravenous (IV) therapy, and salt therapy.

The Covery Wellness Spa Expands to Coral Springs

Coral Springs resident Craig Hopson is bringing The Covery Wellness Spa to town.

Each therapy is designed to cater to the unique wellness needs of the community, providing a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that goes beyond the norm.

Having lived in Coral Springs for 26 years, Hopson is deeply invested in the well-being of its residents. In 2018, he opened F45 Training Coral Springs West and said that the success of F45 Training further solidified his dedication to promoting holistic well-being in the city.

Along with F45 Training, the new location will be close by at Brookside Square at 10599 Wiles Rd on the plaza’s southeast corner. His goal is for the Covery Wellness Spa to become a central hub for health and wellness in Coral Springs.

An April grand opening is planned.

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