Views: Bond Vote on March 13 Allows Residents to Decide

Views: Bond Vote on March 13 Allows Residents to Decide

Coral Springs residents can vote Yes or No on the three bond items Tuesday, March 13.

By: Roy Trachtenberg

Recently in the Sun Sentinel was an editorial by former Coral Springs city commissioner Tom Powers that attacked our present commission over tax increases and the upcoming bond vote.

What a hypocrite.

This is the same Tom Powers that rammed through a huge tax increase for the “Taj Mahal” city hall that we, the citizens of Coral Springs, could not vote on which cost over $30 million.

With the recent bond vote that will be on the ballots this Tuesday, I like the idea that voters can choose how to spend the proposed funds. Everything is in the open. We really need the public safety projects,  and I believe that the city will save money with the parks proposal which will need no more watering and grass cutting.

I went before that city commission while Powers was a commissioner to ask that the city pay its share for school resource officers at every Coral Springs school, and was told by him that the city had no money for it and that schools can share SRO’s. This was one of the reasons that Powers lost the mayoral election to Skip Campbell. One of the first things that Campbell did as mayor was to make sure that each school had their own SRO.

The current city commission is spending our tax dollars the right way. You decide on which projects you want and vote March 13.

Three Bond Votes:
1. Public Safety Projects 27,352,000
2. Parks & Rec. $26,000,000
3. Streets & Drainage Projects $24,492,000

Details on the projects here.

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