Where’s the Beef? Your Choice for Best Burger in Coral Springs

wallpaper-hamburgerBy: Dan I. Cook

Coming fresh off my Char-Hut review, I was approached by my editor about running another poll. This time it’s who has the best burger in Coral Springs. If you’ll remember, a poll was conducted on Coral Springs Talk about who had the best happy hour. Tavolino Della Nonna won. I agreed to check it out and a stellar review was written, if I don’t say so myself. We had so much fun doing it, that these polls will now make a regular appearance.

Who has the Best Burger in Coral Springs

With that said, we need your help again.  I will tell you this: my two favorite burger joints of all time in Broward is Charm City and Scally’s. Charm City is in Deerfield Beach and they are making magic in that kitchen. My second favorite place, was Scally’s which has has long since closed. I’m sure some older Broward natives know of this place. Both locations were located in Ft. Lauderdale and they used meat from the Raindancer Restaurant that has also closed. Damn, those were two great places, and I miss them dearly. Since I usually don’t eat burgers in restaurants, it will be a real treat to see what place comes out on top.

Nothing beats a great burger and I love mine with cheese.

We need your nominations

The rules are simple, nominate a place and explain why the burger is so damn good. All the nominated joints will get placed in and poll and then you can vote. The poll will run for two weeks from the day it’s posted. Coral Springs Talk will host a burger event and I will do a review. Remember this is for Coral Springs only.

Thanks and may the best burger win and Stay Hungry!

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