Who to Vote For? Past Coral Springs Leaders Endorse 2 Rivals, But Won’t Narrow it Down

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By Anne Geggis

Trying to decide from a crowded field vying for Seat 3 on the Coral Springs City Commission? Two past city leaders’ endorsements might leave you a bit confused.

Vince Boccard, mayor from 2012-13, and Lou Cimaglia, commissioner from 2014 to 2018, have endorsed Randal Cutter, senior pastor of  New Dawn Community Church, and Andrew Kasten, a licensed insurance agent and president of Creative Financial Property & Casualty Group, LLC.

Voters will have to narrow it down on the Nov. 3 election as the seat’s current occupant Commissioner Larry Vignola has served the maximum number of terms.

Both Boccard and Cimaglia said both men are highly qualified for the position — and both refused to say whether Kasten or Cutter will ultimately win their vote.

“Two of my buddies come up running and what you do?” said Boccard, who also served as a city commissioner from 2006 to 2010.  “I know them both; they are both qualified, and I endorse them both.”

Cimaglia said much the same: “Who I vote for is my personal business. I think they are both qualified.”

Also in the six-way race: Noor Fawzy, a civil litigation attorney; Nancy Metayer, a consultant for a public charity and assistant to a Tamarac city commissioner; Jose “Joe” Morera, a brands operation manager for a cosmetic company; Abel Pena, a cybersecurity expert, and business owner.

If the candidate is not well known in a crowded field, it can be challenging for voters to distinguish who would be the better candidate since there’s hardly anyone who would say they are not for responsible city spending, less traffic, and smart growth. So, endorsements can be helpful in that decision and are often sought from better-known city pols.

The dual endorsements came to Cutter’s attention when he saw a Facebook post from his rival, Kasten. So, he posted the signature cards.


Randal Cutter and Andrew Kasten.

“I didn’t want any confusion,” Cutter said.

Kasten said the dual endorsement struck him as odd, but it’s his first run for office. Cutter’s post had him doubling back to make sure he heard right.

“I thought it was kind of odd as well,” Kasten said. “I have confidence they will vote for me.”

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