Wings Plus: The True Original

Wings-PlusBy: Dan I. Cook

After all these years, it’s still one of my favorite wing joints. Call me sentimental, nostalgic, or a softy at heart but I just love Wings Plus. Why? Because I’ve been going here since they were the only wing place in town. Before Bru’s Room, Bokampers, Hooters Wing Stop, and the now-closed Wings and Things in Wilton Manors, there was Wings Plus.

The Past

Being a City of Oakland Park boy, I went to the Prospect Road location for years before I moved west. The owner of that one was Joe Walsh, Brian Walsh’s brother. He was a great guy and a huge Dolfan. They used to tailgate for the games and would cook deep fried turkeys way before they became vogue. This may have been in the late 80’s – early 90’s. I had the pleasure of attending some of these tailgates and they were a lot of fun. RIP Joe Walsh you were a good dude and you and your family did fantastic things for the City of Oakland Park and your customers. Sorry folks, I had to pay homage to Mr Joe Walsh.

The Present

Wings Plus Bacon Cheeseburger

Wings Plus Bacon Cheeseburger

So, fast forward to me moving out west maybe 20 years ago. I knew Joe had a brother Brian Walsh who owned the Wings Plus in Coral Springs. I just never met the guy. So, needing my Wings Plus fix and not wanting to drive to Oakland Park, I went here.

Same recipes, same hometown friendly service, and great wings. After years of going here, I finally met Brian and his wife. It was easy to recognize that him and Joe were brothers because they both had all same great qualities that you need to run a great business. Plus, I’m half Irish, so he gets extra points for that. His wife is really nice and is a joy to chat with. Again, these owners are here a lot so you know they care about their business and their customers.


Wings Plus wings with garlic

Wings Plus wings with garlic

Magic Touch

I always get my wings hot with garlic: drums only. I also ask them to cook them well done. I get a side order of celery and blue cheese and start chowing down. The blue cheese dressing they serve is nothing short of outstanding. It’s the best in Coral Springs and a perfect marriage with the wings. I think it has poppy seeds in it too, I’m really not sure, but it tastes damn good. Nothing like having their wings with a cold pitcher of beer. Which reminds me, they have craft beers on draught too. I also love the Potato Tips Appetizer with extra parmesan cheese and sour cream. I love dousing these things with malt vinegar. The fried mushrooms are another favorite with that lovely horseradish dipping sauce on the side. I’m the condiment king! I tell my wife I’m eating healthy every time I plop one of those bad boys in my mouth.  She just looks at me and just shakes her head in disgust. Talking about my bride, she always gets the French Dip Sandwich pressed with provolone cheese and she absolutely loves it. She loves the curly fries and can’t get enough of them. I prefer the steak fries. My kids love the cheeseburgers and curly fries here.

Brian Walsh with Charlie Crist

Brian Walsh with Charlie Crist


I would be a fraud if I didn’t mention that Mr Walsh and his family weren’t heavily involved in politics. For goodness sake a President of the United States, who I’m not a fan of, stopped his whole motorcade and ordered wings from here. He has posters of political people he supports and pictures with them on the walls.

Now to some people, it may rub them the wrong way. To me it doesn’t, and I’m a Democrat. He is exercising is right to freedom of speech and I love it. It’s the American way. So, if you don’t support a local business like this because of politics then shame on you.  Mr Walsh has done so much for the City of Coral Springs, from sponsoring youth teams and raising monies for families in need. Stuff like that supersedes politics.

Complaint I’ve Heard

The only complaint I have heard is the wings have gotten smaller and the price of them larger. Listen, I’ve been going to Wings Plus longer that most of you have been alive, and I haven’t noticed anything. Then again, I leave my wings measuring kit at home when I go here.


To stay fair with all my other reviews, I think the place should be remodeled/updated and the new little bar with liquor, which I love, should be made bigger.

I was there recently and the server Jackie, who’s folks I know, had a group of customers filling up the whole area. I think a bigger bar in the back of the main restaurant or directly to the right when you walk in would be a winner.

Overall, I just love this place. It’s a mainstay in our community, the food is good, the service is friendly and fast. What else can the guy asked for?

Well, maybe more blue cheese dressing for my wings please.

Four frosty cold beers for this joint.  Remember to tell Mr and Mrs Walsh and all the crew at Wings Plus that Dan and Coral Springs Talk sent you and Stay Hungry!


Wings Plus
9880 W. Sample Rd
Coral Springs Fl 33065
Mon-Thurs 11am-11pm
Fri-Sat 11am-12am

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