Woman Alleged Battery by Island Boys Rapper at Coral Springs Home

Woman Alleged Battery by Island Boys Rapper at Coral Springs Home

By Kevin Deutsch

The girlfriend of Alex Venegas, one half of the Coral Springs-based sibling rap duo the Island Boys, alleged she was battered by her boyfriend’s twin brother in Heron Bay last week before declining to press charges, police records show.

The 22-year-old female, a porn star and TikTok influencer, had been living at the home the high-profile rappers rent at 6375 NW 120th Dr. She told Coral Springs Police that Island Boys rapper Frank Venegas “became upset with her and contacted his security guard to respond to the residence and have her removed” on Mar. 24, leading to a physical battery, according to a police incident report released Saturday.

The female, whose name is being withheld by Coral Springs Talk because she is a potential crime victim, said she was inside one of the home’s bedrooms “attempting to avoid a confrontation with other people in the home” when the violence occurred, drawing police to the residence, records show.

“According to [the female], when the security guard arrived, he was ordered by Frank to remove her possessions from the home and place them in the driveway in front of the residence,” the report states. “[She] refused to leave the home and was sitting on the bed making a telephone phone call when Frank walked up and slapped the phone out of her hand.”

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The female said she locked herself in the bathroom and phoned Coral Springs Police, records show.

The incident was the second time police responded to the rental home of the 20-year-old rappers in as many months.

On Feb. 7, the home was raided by police hunting the man who allegedly killed an 8-year-old girl in a stray-bullet shooting in Palm Beach County.

Andrew Thomas, 20, of West Palm Beach, was captured inside the house three days after the Feb. 4 slaying of  Ronziyah Atkins.

Thomas, a childhood friend of the Island Boys, had been sleeping on their couch in the days before his arrest.

In the alleged Mar. 24 battery, the female told officers she’d been living at the home, which sold to its owner for $1.2 million in May 2021, for a month and a half.

She told officers she “has no place to go,” according to the report.

When officers interviewed Frank Venegas, the alleged culprit in the battery complaint, he said he “told [the female] to leave because she was being disrespectful,” but “denied the argument ever became physical and stated he did not slap her phone out of her hand,” the report states.

The rapper said he called his security guard to remove the woman and her belongings from the home, believing “it was time for her to leave,” records show.

Police said they spoke with two witnesses who denied seeing Frank Venegas get physical with Alex Venegas’ girlfriend.

When officers spoke with Alex Venegas, he “agreed [the female] has been getting disrespectful.”

“[Alex Venegas] also agrees [the female] needs to leave the residence but realizes she has nowhere to go,” police wrote. “He offered to get [her] a hotel room for the evening, but she declined.”

The rapper said he “does not have an issue with [her] staying at the residence in another room but feels it would be best for her to leave,” the report states.

Police said they made Alex Venegas aware of the eviction process that could be used to permanently remove the female from the home.

She told officers she did not wish to leave the home that night and contacted her mother in South Carolina, records show.

“She said her mother will be arriving in the morning to help her move,” police wrote.

The female refused medical treatment by paramedics, told police “she did not wish to press charges against Frank,” and signed a waiver of prosecution form in reference to the alleged battery, the report states.

“CSPD stood by while [the female] brought her belongings back inside from the front of the residence and located herself to a separate bedroom,” police wrote.

The homeowner has previously denied comment when contacted about the rental arrangement, declining to answer questions about the Island Boys.

The Venegas brothers catapulted to viral stardom after a video of them singing at a pool went viral in 2021, drawing nearly 20 million online views.

Frank Venegas has told an interviewer the brothers broke the law growing up, getting involved in “burglaries, robberies, stolen cars,” and spending time in jail as teenagers.

“When I was locked up, I had a lot of people were trying to be rappers, so I’m like, f— it, I’m gonna dive into the [rap] game,” Alex Venegas told an interviewer. “The only thing that’s good for me is robbing, which is not good, or rapping.”

Neither of the brothers’ could immediately be reached for comment Sunday.

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