Woman Arrested For Attacking Boyfriend with a Knife

knife attacking boyfriend arrest


By Ryan Yousefi

A woman was arrested after attacking her boyfriend with a knife in an alleged drug-fueled rage. 

On October 30, Coral Springs Police received a call about a domestic dispute in progress. Officers were dispatched and made aware a deadly weapon was involved. 

According to the report, when officers arrived, they were greeted by a male that indicated his girlfriend, Jocelyn Johnson, 38, had pulled a knife on him during a dispute. 

According to the victim, he and Johnson were arguing about financial matters when she became angry and punched him on the kitchen floor. The victim told officers as he was shielding himself from the blows, he saw Johnson reach up onto the kitchen counter and obtain a knife — later determined to be two inches in length. 

Johnson swung the knife at him, but he was able to catch her hand before the knife contacted his body. He was then able to push her off of him and escape from the home to call the police.

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The victim alleges Johnson had been drinking and used cocaine before the fight.

Once officers were able to get Johnson to exit the residence, they took her into custody and conducted an interview. She confirmed that the couple had been arguing about bills but claimed there was no physical altercation. Johnson denied using cocaine but admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. 

The report said Johnson also informed officers that she was the victim of prior domestic assaults and showed officers bruises on her arms. She told officers she had not reported the alleged assaults. 

Officers searched the residence and located a small knife on the kitchen counter that matched the victim’s description. 

 Johnson was placed under arrest and inside a patrol car; however, while inside, Johnson repeatedly slammed her head against the partition, causing her to bleed, leaving injuries that were visible in her mugshot. 

Johnson was transported to Broward Health Coral Springs for medical attention and later taken to the Broward County Main Jail, where she was charged with domestic assault with a deadly weapon.

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