Zen Foot Spa: A Treat for your Feet

Zen Foot Massage Coral Springs

Zen Foot Massage Coral Springs

By: Sharon Aron Baron

I never heard the concept of a “Foot Spa” until recently. That is, until I was visiting Amsterdam this summer and walked through the Red Light District with my husband. Along with the conspicuous displays of prostitution and sex shops that typically caught most people’s eyes, including my husband’s, I saw one that caught mine: a business that gave foot massages.

“That sounded so nice,” I thought to myself. I could just imagine kicking back after walking miles around several cities in Europe and having someone massage my tired feet. It was almost impossible to get my husband to do it without giving me a grimaced looking on his face,  so if I had to pay someone else, so be it.

Coincidentally, it was a couple weeks after I got home that I received a call from my friend City Commissioner Joy Carter who said I had to try a new business in Coral Springs called Zen Foot Spa – and she even had a $5 coupon. Thinking back to my trip, I was excited by the thought that something like this existed in the United States.

Zen Foot Massage - Photo by Business Owner.

Zen Foot Massage – Photo by Business Owner.

I made an appointment and went the following week for a 60 minute foot, back, shoulder, neck and head massage. I didn’t really care for the other stuff, I just wanted my feet to be massaged.

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First, I was taken back to a very zen-like dark tranquil room lined with several chairs by my masseuse who spoke very little English. This was okay with me because I didn’t want want anyone too chatty. I was ready to be taken to the heaven of all foot massages here.

He had me place my feet in a foot bath while he massaged my back and neck for a good twenty minutes or so. I was feeling extremely relaxed, however, I had to sit up during this as it wasn’t in a massage table or chair. Still, it felt very good.

Then he had me take my feet out of the water where he dried them, and then lie back on the reclining chair while the foot massage began. This was when I went into a hypnotic half sleep, half dream state. It was an incredibly relaxing time where I wasn’t thinking about what I had to do, where I had to be, but I was fully cognizant of where I was.

The hour seemed to be over way too soon before I had to put my shoes on and leave. I vowed to go back again, and the following week, I treated myself to another foot massage.

The prices are reasonable ranging from $25 for a 30-minute foot only massage to $55 for a 90-minute foot, back, shoulder, neck and head massage. They also have periodic deals on Groupon which I see advertised a lot on Facebook. They also cater to groups and offer gift certificates as well.

If you check them out, tell them you heard about them from Coral Springs Talk and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Zen Foot Massage
7517 W Sample Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33065
(954) 755-2999
10:00 am – 9:00 p.m. Open seven days a week.

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