Daring Digital Deception Leads to First-Degree Robbery Charges for Teen

Daring Digital Deception Leads to First-Degree Robbery Charges for Teen

Victoria Rolon. {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A teen faces first-degree armed robbery charges after allegedly luring a man she met online to a meet-up location where two armed men robbed him. 

On May 30, the victim reported to the Coral Springs Police Department that a woman he met online, later identified as Victoria Rolon, 18, of Coral Springs, took a terrifying turn when meeting her in person for the first time.

According to an arrest warrant issued for Rolon after the victim met her online and texted her for some time. They agreed to meet on May 30 in the parking lot of an apartment complex she resides near the 11300 block of West Sample Road. 

The victim noted in the report that Rolon had arranged to wear a specific dress for him during the meeting in exchange for $170. 

According to the victim, when he arrived for the meeting, Rolon briefly exited her home and spoke to him through the open passenger door of his vehicle, where she explained that the dress he had requested her to wear was still in the dryer and would take a few more minutes. 

The victim told CSPD he continued to wait but became suspicious after she continued to delay and again exited the home, not wearing the agreed-upon dress.

According to records, the victim told officers as he spoke to Rolon, a Black male suddenly appeared in front of his vehicle, pointing a black handgun at him through the windshield. 

Fearing for his life, the victim told CSPD he leaped across the center console and exited the vehicle through the open passenger door, where Rolon had been standing.

As he tried to escape, the victim told officers a second Black male appeared, also brandishing a firearm, blocked his exit, and demanded that he hand over his belongings.

The victim recounted to officers how he complied with the men’s demands, handing over a gold Cuban link necklace and $170 set aside to pay Rolon.

According to records, the suspects then searched the victim’s vehicle, where they discovered an additional $1,700 in cash, then fled the scene in a black sedan parked at the apartment complex’s entrance.  

Rolon, who had been standing nearby during the incident, did not flee with the suspects but instead accused the victim of setting her up and bringing the men to her residence.

According to the report, a witness living inside the apartment complex approached the victim, revealing that he had observed the incident unfold. 

The witness confirmed the victim’s suspicion that Rolon might have orchestrated the robbery, claiming he saw the males exit the vehicle after backing it into the entrance from the main roadway.

The witness told the officers the behavior seemed so strange that he even tried to warn the victim by flickering a porch light, but that the robbery took place before any action could be taken beyond the quick-thinking warning. 

Following the incident, the victim called 911 and cooperated with law enforcement officers, providing a detailed description of Rolon and the suspects. 

When describing Rolon’s facial tattoos, officers immediately recognized her from past cases that, according to records, also include theft, notably during instances in which male co-suspects were also involved. 

Upon questioning, Rolon initially denied involvement and claimed that the assailants had followed the victim to her residence. 

However, after a warrant was issued on June 6 to obtain additional evidence, including messages officers reviewed on her mother’s iPad, Rolon was found to have planned the robbery with a man named “Gary,” with whom she had been previously romantically involved. 

According to the warrant, messages were sent back and forth between Rolon and Gary as the incident unfolded, including those of her asking him to hurry up or she would be forced to rob the victim herself. 

Records show CSPD is still working on compiling evidence against Gary, and Coral Springs Talk is not fully identifying him at this time. As of this writing, no arrest records are present for him or the unidentified second male mentioned by the victim. 

Following a full investigation into her actions during the incident, Rolon was taken into custody, arrested, and transported to the Broward County Main Jail on June 26.

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