BJ’s Alerts Customers of Credit Card Skimmers on Gas Pumps

(courtesy BJ’s)

By Jill Fox

After going unnoticed for a six-month period, BJ’s Wholesale disclosed Monday that several of their gas pumps had been compromised with credit card skimmers. 

According to a letter from BJ’s, on April 23, 2019 the company was informed by a vendor technician performing maintenance at the Riverside Drive gas station in Coral Springs that a credit card skimming device was found inside a fuel pump.

BJ’s didn’t know who was affected and could not match the specific pumps to the customers whose cards were skimmed during the period of October 13, 2018 through April 24, 2019.

The letter explained the company had no way of knowing whether or not the skimming devices accessed any information, including the cardholders’ names, payment card numbers, PINs if used as debit cards, expiration dates, security codes and zip codes.

Several affected customers took to social media to complain about why it took over six months for BJ’s to alert them of the security breach.

Dena Osadczuk wrote on Nextdoor that she had just received the letter from BJ’s the day before.

“My husband’s American Express was compromised; they tried to use it at a Wawa and it was triggered as fraud immediately.”

SheriLynn Detweiler wrote that anyone who sells gas should check their pumps for tampering daily.

Michael Risavy said that his card had been compromised back in October.

In the letter from BJ’s, the company apologized for any inconvenience and told those who purchased gas during this time to replace their cards. They also said they are offering free credit monitoring for one year. However, customers feel BJ’s response is too little too late.

“Six months with unnoticed fraudulent activity is completely unacceptable. Offering credit monitoring is a slap in the face,” wrote Pam Stans.

According to BJ’s, the intent of the letter was to share what they had done and are doing to address the incident and the steps customers can take to protect their personal information.

Those who haven’t received a letter should look for one in the mail addressed to the person holding the membership card.


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