Effective Immediately: City Manager Requires Business Closures in Coral Springs

city of coral springs covid-19 update

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Things have moved quickly, and the pandemic is affecting the City of Coral Springs in unprecedented ways.

In their latest update, Coral Springs City Manager, Frank Babinec, has issued Emergency Order 2020-11, which requires closures of businesses to the public effective immediately.

Businesses that are not necessary to remain open are to be closed to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community. However, companies that do not interact with the public, or businesses that utilize remote or telework with no employees or customers at a physical business location may continue operations.

Essential businesses will be required to follow social distancing requirements, and also will need to limit the number of people inside of a company at any time.

Coral Springs has also launched a Senior VIP Call Number for residents who may not have access to technology and want to hear a recorded message about the latest updates.

The recording will be updated daily at 9 a.m. To listen in, call 954-340-5001

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