Coral Springs Man Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Homeless Woman

David Oliver sexually assaulting homeless woman

David Oliver

By Ryan Yousefi 

A Coral Springs man was arrested for sexual battery, assault, and lewd conduct after a homeless woman awoke to him sexually assaulting her. 

On September 12, the victim contacted police and filed a sexual assault report. The woman, identified as a member of the homeless community in Coral Springs, says she was sleeping in the area of 2600 North University Drive when she woke up to an unknown black male choking her and “squishing” her voice box. 

She told police the suspect slammed her against the ground, causing her to lose consciousness. She claims her only memory of the incident is the suspect penetrating her vagina with his fingers and possibly his penis. She also told officers when she regained consciousness, the suspect had his penis in her face and was ejaculating. 

As part of the standard procedure in sexual assault cases, police conducted a rape kit on the victim in hopes of identifying her assault via a DNA hit in their database. Samples were sent to a lab for processing in hopes of a match. 

On November 6, a “hit” was reported on the samples, and police identified the suspect as David Oliver, 42, of Coral Springs. Officers were given issued a BOLO (Be On The Lookout) for Oliver in the hope of bringing him in for questioning. 

On November 20, police located Oliver sitting at a table outside of Doris Supermarket located at 2077 North University Drive and took him into custody. After reading Oliver his Miranda Rights, he confessed to the crime, telling officers that he was intoxicated, found the sleeping victim, and attacked her. 

Oliver told officers that he attempted to penetrate the victim with his penis but was too intoxicated. He also admitted to ejaculating on her face. 

When asked on a scale of 1-10 how hard the victim fought during the assault, Oliver stated “12”. 

Police took Oliver into custody and transported him to the Broward County Main Jail.

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Ryan Yousefi
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