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By: Dan I. Cook

More Coral Springs Bagel-mania!

My spring break consisted of practicing to be an empty nester with my son at college and my daughter in Tampa attending the High School State Thespian Championships. So what do I do? I was consumed with NYC water and bagels.

After doing my review on the The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., I felt compelled to come to Bagels & A Whole Lot More.  I’ve been here a bunch of times and I really like the bagels. So this review will only deal with their bagels, Nova, service and vibe.

Marek Lam, Ronnie Hall, Aly Singer, Jon Perez, Stacey Singer with Bagels & A Whole Lot More

Marek Lam, Ronnie Hall, Aly Singer, Jon Perez, Stacey Singer with Bagels & A Whole Lot More

The owners Stacey and Jeff Singer have been living in Coral Springs for over 20 years with their three children. Originally from the South Shore of Long Island, Jeff has a Masters in Audiology and was formerly a Senior Vice President for HearUSA for 19 years, however, he gave it all up because he wanted to own his own business.

Back when he was in graduate school in New York, he worked in a bagel restaurant, so he was looking for a bagel place of his own to buy. So when he walked into Bagels & A Whole Lot More here in Coral Springs, he felt it had a New York feel to it and it was the right business for him and his wife.

Initially, they learned the bagel making business from the former owner and employees who were in the business before, however, it didn’t take them long to figure out the right technique for kettle boiled bagels. They also get help from two of their three children: Zach, a graduate of Coral Glades High School, who does the baking and all the ordering for the store, and daughter Aly who attends the University of Central Florida who helps out by working as a counter person.

Owner Jeff said, “Just the fact that’s its become the “Cheers” of Coral Springs, and there are hundreds of people we now their names, is really a nice vibe for us.”


Nova Sandwich

Nova Sandwich

I ordered a Nova garlic bagel and an Asiago bagel with capers, tomato, onion and a lemon wedge. All to go. The Nova bagels was set up and wrapped like a sandwich. They were perfect. The capers added that salty flavor I’ve learned to crave. The red onions can be a little overpowering, so I like to remove some of them, but not all. I like to squeeze a little lemon right on the Nova which gives it a nice zip.

The bagel was toasted and it had the right amount of chewiness and exterior crunch that is needed in a REAL Coral Springs Bagel. That’s right folks I said Coral Springs Bagel and not NYC. New Yorkers could only hope their bagels taste as good as Coral Springs. Must be our water.

Vibe and Service

I really dig the open vibe of the joint. You walk right up to the counter and there are tables on each side. Usually, the owners are working. Jeff works the kitchen and Stacey works at the counter. All of the workers are very pleasant, and you are always greeted with a smile. They are quick to take your order and it’s prepared in a reasonable wait time. You can see into the kitchen and watch the cooks cooking your breakfast right in front of you. Like I said, a nice open vibe.


The bagels, ambiance, service is an easy four thumbs up. I will go on the record and say this joint has some of the best bagels and Nova sandwich in Broward County. They offer full breakfast and lunch/deli sandwiches too.  Man, I must say the water they use here and at Rob’s Bageland is the key here. They should bottle that water. Just saying.

Remember to tell them Dan and Coral Springs Talk sent you and Stay Hungry!


Bagels & A Whole Lot More
10281 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, Florida 33065
Telephone: (954) 575-8130
Fax: (954) 575-8132
Monday – Saturday 6:30 am to 3:00 pm
Sunday 6:30 am to 2:00 pm

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