Ella is Friendly and Obedient and She’s Waiting for You at Broward County Animal Care

Broward County Animal Care

By: Claire Cornish

Friendly and outgoing, Ella has become a little sad lately; she cannot understand why nobody has snapped her up yet, and honestly, neither can anybody else.

Ella is as sweet as they come, and this four-year-old beauty is kind, friendly, and a terrific companion. Ella enjoys the company of other dogs, but she is also happy with humans of all ages.

A toy lover, Ella’s playing repertoire, included running for tennis balls and chewing on stuffed toys. She is obedient and listens exceptionally well – Ella’s favorite things is to please.

Ella says to Coral Springs residents: “Don’t be alone! Let me self-isolate with you!”

Ella’s ID# is A2056747, and she is currently at the Broward County Animal Care and Adoption, 2400 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale. Open Tuesday – Sunday.

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Claire Cornish

Claire Cornish
Claire Cornish is a freelance writer, half marathon runner, and volunteer at Broward County Animal Care & Adoption. She is the proud mom of Callie the Labrador and a proud sister of Simon the Labrador mix.

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