Video About Local Firefighter’s Triumph Over Cancer Garners Telly Award Recognition

By Agrippina Fadel

A heartfelt video about a Coral Springs-Parkland firefighter who beat cancer has won a prestigious Telly Award.

Produced by the City of Coral Springs Communications and Marketing Department, Driver Engineer Brian Hobson was presented with the award on August 3.

A survivor of thyroid cancer, considered occupational for firefighters, Hobson was diagnosed early and treated quickly after an annual Life Scan physical – a comprehensive medical test covered by the city for all first responders.

Diagnosed on November 30, 2020, Hobson was treated at the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“When I got the news after the biopsy, everything changed. I never thought at 37 I would be told I have cancer,” he said in the video.

After the surgery, he had numbness in his face and neck and got tired easily. “It’s been a tough adjustment, and I am still dealing with some ups and downs, but I work through it,” Hobson said.

Returning to the fire station has been amazing, and Hobson credits the early diagnosis by the Life Scan for his recovery and a second chance at life. He said the outpouring of support from fire administration all the way up to city manager, Frank Babinec, helped him stay strong throughout the process.

Video About Local Firefighter's Triumph Over Cancer Garners Telly Award Recognition

Brian Hobson (Center) and the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department staff and city manager. {Courtesy}

Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department Deputy Chief Mike Moser said the department rallied behind Hobson, and his colleagues were inspired by his bravery in facing the disease and sharing his story about it.

Moser said Hobson went through a rigorous treatment and thankfully recovered, which doesn’t always happen, adding firefighters have much higher risks for some specific types of cancer than the general population, and that’s why the city puts so much emphasis on Life Scan testing and early diagnostics.

“Our job is to protect and serve the community, so it is important to have a healthy workforce and provide that support to firefighters,” Moser said.

He hopes the beautiful video that shares Hobson’s story will serve as positive guidance for others dealing with cancer or inspire people to get tested early.

The Telly Awards is an award honoring video and television. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards receives over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and five continents.

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