Is The Egg & I Restaurant All That it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Photo by Camilo M - from Yelp

Photo by Camilo M – from Yelp

By: Dan I. Cook

As I was reading the menu from the recently opened the Egg & I Restaurant, a scene from Forest Gump went through my mind:  Bubba was telling Forrest about all of the different shrimp dishes he wanted to make.  “There’s, um, shrimp kebabs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried….” I think these guys replaced the shrimp with egg at this place because there are two pages on the menu dedicated to the almighty egg.

I have a confession to make: I hate eggs.  You see, I was traumatized as a little boy by some jerk kid whose name was probably Johnny who told me eggs were baby chickens. At the tender age of 7 or 8 I stopped eating eggs. With that said, I cannot personally comment on any of the egg dishes and never will.  Now you’re probably wondering why I’m in a restaurant named after a food I don’t even eat, and that’s because Ron Malanowski, one of our burger judges, and fellow Yelper, told me he ate there and liked it.

The Food

egg-muffinMy son ordered a chicken, cheddar cheese and sausage omelet with an English muffin and ranch diced potatoes. My son has never tried eggs, so this was his first time and he loved it. He also loved the roasted diced potatoes. I stole his English Muffin. Why? Because when it came out, I knew right away it was probably grilled on a flat top. The butter was perfectly melted and there is only a few ways that can be done 1. A butter wheel. 2. Brushing the muffin with melted butter after toasting it. 3. Buttering the muffin and the placing it on flat top grill. If you love buttered English muffins, this one is solid.

I got the Flapper (one huge wheat pancake) a side of bacon, a side of sausage patties, and the loaded potatoes. The pancake was Pancakehuge and delicious and one little scoop of butter was in the middle and I spread it all over.

Next up, the syrup. I grabbed the dispenser and guess what? The syrup was warm. I loved that. Very few breakfast joints offer warm syrup but they should. It’s a cozy touch that improves a dish. I cut a piece of the pancake then fork a piece of the sausage. Yummy, yummy, yummy. I love the word yummy. I took the other piece of sausage and slipped it between the English muffin. Boom! I took a huge-ass bite and I’m a happy man. The sausage tasted like it has some Allspice in it. The loaded potatoes were another pleasant surprise. Diced potatoes tossed in a ranch seasoning covered in salsa vera and shredded cheese. sausageNot too shabby, but it was salty. I mixed everything up and it took a little of the saltiness out.

Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber of Commerce


This place looked fantastic, and I really liked how they designed it. It smelled brand new, the colors are bright, the background music is nice and mellow and the bathrooms are sparkly clean. You would never know this space used to be a Spanish restaurant or a grilled cheese bar. Our server was eager to make food suggestions and was very friendly. The manager stopped by twice and checked on us. I made sure to tell him that we loved everything and thanked him. He said, thank you and I’ll see you tomorrow. I laughed when he said that because it was nice response from him.


I’m on a streak! Two new restaurants have opened up in Coral Springs, The Cook and The Cork and the Egg & I  – and I love them. I don’t think I ever typed that many “ands” in a row.  I want to thank Ron Malanowski for recommending that I try this joint. He said it was good, and he was right. Remember to tell them Ron, Dan and Coral Springs Talk sent you. Four thumbs up!


Stay Hungry! 

Location and Hours:

The Egg & I Restaurant is located at 1933 N. University Drive in the BB&T Plaza.  Founded in 1987, The Egg & I is a full-service breakfast and lunch restaurant with hours from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. seven days a week.  

Other Florida locations include: Panama, Pensacola, Orlando, Riverview (Tampa), Boynton Beach, Melbourne and Ocala.

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