Latin Corner Bistro Adds More Mojo to the Menu at ‘Newish’ Location in Coral Springs

Latin Corner Bistro

Yovana inside of Coral Springs’ Latin Corner Bistro.

By: Jen Russon

Latin Corner Bistro — formerly ‘Latin Quarter’ is still a Coral Springs purveyor of four-star Peruvian food, yet expanded its menu and changed locations without skipping one delicious beat.

The only difference now is more mojo on the menu, with classic plates from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Central America to choose from.

Run by the Navarro sisters, Yovana and Jackie, the pair are cooking up a storm and waiting on the city to approve their outdoor signage. They said they moved their restaurant from Wiles Road to a newish location on Coral Ridge Drive about a year ago.

Latin Corner Bistro

Latin Corner Bistro

Yovana tweaked the name of her family-run business to “Latin Corner Bistro,” believing the new name broadens their image, adding she wants to offer more than signature Peruvian plates of choritos a la chalaca and papa a la huancaina.

Yummy, as these and other classics like the Lomo Saltado and lemony ceviche, may be, the Latin Corner is bringing new Hispanic favorites to the table.   

Since starting their restaurant in 2016, the Navarro’s have brought ham croquets, arepas, empanadas, tacos, Cuban sandwiches and desserts, colada coffees, and Latin American-style breakfast to Coral Springs diners.

Their prices are much lower than the incredible flavor profile on every plate. Most of the rice and protein-laden entrees cost between $6 and $14. Guava pastry lovers get an even sweeter deal, with other cakes and puddings on the menu for under $5.

The Peruvian plates are, of course, still a headliner at the Latin Corner, and should be pre-ordered about 10 to 15 minutes ahead.

Here’s what just three of her customers are saying about the food:

“This place is a hidden gem! The food is fantastic. The empanadas are some of the best I have had in South Florida, and the lechon asada is delicious!”  – Jessica

“Amazing food and great service, if you love any Peruvian and Hispanic food, this a really good place.” –  Nicholas L.

“It’s in a gas station, but you have to try it. The food is amazing. Great place to relax in a quiet spot for breakfast or lunch.” –  Gary T.

Latin Corner Bistro

Latin Corner Bistro

Upon reading that last review, someone new to this restaurant might give pause, as Gary T. raises an important point about its location; just like the previous one, the Latin Corner shares a lot with a full-service Chevron.

One reviewer, Robert Amador, said he tried out Latin Corner a few months ago when his car needed cleaning.

“I stopped in while my car was being detailed, and the food was amazing and well-prepared.  I would recommend this place to anyone! The staff was nothing short of deserving five stars. The only thing they need is some Flan, which management said they are going to have soon,” Amador wrote.

Yovana is indeed working on it, experimenting with new flavors every day.

She said the Latin Corner is dine-in or take-out and describes her menu as a haven for pulled pork, savory rice with homemade, peppery sauces, ceviche, plantains, and enough empanadas to share with the country of Bolivia.

There are salads brightened up with house dressing, Cuban sandwiches with sweet pickles and generous lathers of spicy mustard, a soup of the day ladled up by the Navarro’s, Palomilla steak, breakfast sandwiches, and array of South American fizzy drinks that are like stepping into what their supermarket probably looked like back in Lima.

That’s where the smiling Navarro sisters were born, and Peruvian is their predominant style of cooking since taking over what was formerly Mike’s Gluten-Free Bakery.

Latin Corner Bistro

Sisters Yovana and Jackie Navarro at Latin Corner Bistro.

Yovana’s red, swept up hair matches the iridescent sign in their newish kitchen, decorated with bric-a-brac, which gives guests a cozy place to sit and eat if they choose.

She and her sister both said they had been chefs since they were children and genuinely love what they do. They can’t wait to welcome you to their newish and thriving location. To see what the entrees look like, they encourage a follow on their Facebook  Page or Instagram @Latincornerbistro.

The restaurant is located at 4602 Coral Ridge Drive, across from Costco, and open Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are closed Sundays.

To order ahead, call Yovana at 954-341-7541.

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