Man Admits to Police he Sexually Battered Juvenile During Coral Springs House Party

Coral Springs Police Man Sexually Battered Juvenile

Rashad Tamah Mccormick

By: Anne Geggis

A Fort Lauderdale man is facing three charges that he sexually battered a teen during a Coral Springs house party.

Now Rashad Tamah Mccormick, 40, is facing three counts of sexual battery on a physically incapacitated juvenile for incidents that occurred as May 6 turned into May 7.

The victim told Mccormick her age and warned him their age difference could mean he could “catch a case.” Later, she apparently didn’t go along with what police said Mccormick told the girl in response to her warning: “No one has to know.” 

After doing shots of alcohol at a Coral Springs home on the evening of May 6, the victim was introduced to Mccormick, who works at Holy Cross Hospital as a physical therapist. However, he is not listed as a licensed physical therapist, according to state records.

While the victim was speaking to the defendant, she realized that she was starting to get drunk and was leaning on Mccormick to stand up, the police report says.

Later, the pair went to a nearby convenience store and on the way back, he forced her to perform oral sex on him.

The girl, “said she was scared of the defendant and didn’t know what he was going to do so she did whatever the defendant wanted,” police said.

Back at the house where Mccormick originally met the victim, she continued to drink alcohol and then vomited. Mccormick helped get her cleaned up, but then sexually battered her again, performing oral sex on her and putting his penis against her vagina, although he did not fully penetrate her, police said.

The next morning, the victim told police what happened. When they went to question Mccormick, he admitted to all three incidents, police said.
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