Man arrested for 6 Crimes, Including Assault and Burglary, after Shooting Glass Door at Estranged Wife’s Home in Coral Springs

Man arrested for 6 Crimes, Including Assault and Burglary, after Shooting Glass Door at Estranged Wife's Home in Coral Springs

David Kwami Bonelli {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A man was arrested and charged with six crimes after his estranged wife reported he shot out the sliding glass door of her Coral Springs home.

After a short police chase, David Kwami Bonelli, 49, Miramar, was arrested on February 1 on six charges, including felony aggravated assault with a deadly firearm and burglary.

On February 1, the Coral Springs Police Department received a 911 call from a female that claimed she had been assaulted with a gun. When officers arrived, the victim told the officers Bonelli, her estranged husband, and the alleged suspect had fled the scene.

The arrest report states the victim told officers she was inside her residence when she observed Bonelli pointing a black handgun at her patio sliding glass door. 

The victim told officers as she began to run to the bathroom for shelter when she heard one gunshot and observed the sliding glass door shatter. The victim said she continued to the bathroom and barricaded herself but soon felt Bonelli kicking and punching the door.

According to the victim, Bonelli broke the door off the door frame, entered the bathroom, and continually and aggressively asked where a relative was while saying, “I’m going to kill him. He knows what he did.” 

Arrest reports show that during the encounter, the victim was able to keep the 911 line open, and at one point, Bonelli heard the 911 operator say, “hello?” to which he warned her not to call the police. 

In an attempt to calm Bonelli down, the victim told officers she no longer wanted a divorce and walked him through the home so he could check every room while still holding his handgun. 

According to the police report, to get Bonelli to leave the home, the victim stated she made a false claim that her son needed to be picked up at the nurses’ office at Coral Springs High School. Bonelli then grabbed keys from the kitchen counter and left the residence, presumably to pick up the child.

Upon completion of the investigation, it was found that Bonelli was denied access to the school to pick up the child because he lacked identification. 

The victim stated that once Bonelli left, she again called 911 to report the totality of the incident. When officers arrived, they found evidence to confirm her claims, including shattered glass, a bullet hole in a wall across the room, and a handgun on the couch.

The victim told police she had seen Bonelli throw something toward the couch and adjust his waistband but could not confirm it was the gun used in the crime that he had tossed.

Ring footage obtained by officers confirmed portions of the victim’s story, including images of Bonelli lurking around the home while holding a black handgun similar to that found on the scene, according to the police report.

While officers were at the scene, Bonelli was observed leaving Coral Springs High School and heading northbound on Rock Island Road back toward the location of the alleged crime.

Multiple CSPD officers initiated a traffic stop, but Bonelli ignored their emergency lights and sirens, instead continuing toward the scene. He would eventually pull into the residence’s driveway, where he was taken into custody.

Bonelli was transported to CSPD for processing, then to the Broward County Main Jail, where he is currently being held without bond.

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