Mother with Criminal Background Arrested for Assault with Deadly Weapon Amid Child Dispute

Mother with Criminal Background Arrested for Assault with Deadly Weapon Amid Child Dispute

Georgia Samantha Smith’s booking photos reveal that she has been arrested multiple times since the beginning of 2021.  {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A disagreement between two mothers regarding their children escalated to a criminal charge when one of them brandished a firearm, resulting in her arrest for assault with a deadly weapon.

On October 27, the Coral Springs Police Department received a 911 call from a victim claiming a woman, later identified as Georgia Samantha Smith, 37, of Coral Springs, was seen carrying a small black semi-automatic handgun in her robe pocket while in the middle of the street near 116th Terrace.

According to the victim, Smith allegedly removed the handgun from her pocket and pointed it towards the ground, making alarming statements, including, “I should’ve shot the three of you last night” and “You don’t play with people’s kids.” 

The victim said she remained still at gunpoint for approximately two minutes before quickly returning to her apartment to contact CSPD.

Upon arrival on the scene, the victim told CSPD that the previous night, October 26, she had engaged in an intense verbal dispute with Smith regarding their children. During this dispute, the victim raised her voice at Smith’s child, which led to a verbal confrontation, but no physical altercation occurred.

A show-up identification procedure was conducted, during which the victim positively identified Smith.

Upon her arrest, Smith denied owning any firearms and claimed that she had a heated conversation with the victim the night before, instructing the victim not to speak to her children and to approach her if she had any concerns regarding her kids. 

Smith voluntarily consented to a search of her vehicle and residence, but no firearm was discovered during the search.

Officers noted in the report that there were about six minutes between the victim’s initial call to the police and the arrival of the first officers on the scene, giving her ample time to dispose of a firearm. 

Smith has been arrested on four other occasions. In October 2021, for leaving the scene of a crash and driving with a suspended license; in April 2022, for failure to appear in court; in October 2022, for criminal mischief and $1,000 damage; and in April 2023, for failure to appear in court.

Following the investigation, it was determined that there was enough evidence to arrest Smith for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. She was transported to the Broward County Main Jail and released after posting a $2,500 bond. 

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