Red Lobster Brings Back Endless Tiny Shrimp


By: Dan I. Cook

Folks, it’s that time of year again that waiters love to hate at Red Lobster: those two months every fall they have their Endless Shrimp promotion.  This is your cue to come on over and devour an entire school of shrimp in one sitting.

For only $16.99, you get a salad along with those ever-so-dreamy Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I have to stop right there because I freakin’ love those things. They are so addictive and taste so wonderful. Whenever I think of Red Lobster, I think of those biscuits, and yes, the biscuits are endless too. I’ve never been charged extra for multiple rounds of those bad boys.

My Meal

Endless Shrimp Promotion.

Endless Shrimp Promotion.

I walked into Red Lobster and was going to grab something to go, so I sat down at the bar and the bartender said,”You here for the Endless Shrimp?”

After she said that, a halo appeared over her head and thoughts of shrimps parading in my mouth flashed through my mind. I snapped out of my trance and said,” Well, yes I am.”

I looked at the menu and and see they added a Sirachi grill shrimp, so I get that with the Garlic Parmesan Shrimp along with my favorite: Garlic Shrimp Scampi. I add the Lobster Mashed Potatoes, get the house salad with blue cheese dressing which comes with the dinner.

The biscuits came out first.

There were three of them wrapped up in a little napkin blanket and were so nice and toasty, I ate all three in less than two minutes.

More please.

As I waited for more biscuits, my salad came out. I have always loved the dinner salads here. It’s not fancy, but I like the portion size and they are always nice and chilled. I would have to say I’m a fan of their blue cheese dressing too. I gobble that down and more biscuits arrive. I save these for my main course because momma didn’t raise no dummy. I came here to eat some damn shrimps not fill up on those addictive little bundles of pure ecstasy.

Don't fill up on that other stuff.  Keep eating that shrimp.

Don’t fill up on that other stuff. Keep eating that shrimp.

Then the shrimps arrive. As I titled this review, the shrimps are on the tiny side and I would say they have gotten smaller as the years have gone by, however, I’m not sure, as I forgot to bring my shrimp measuring gauge. I try the Sirachi Shrimp first and they are OK, but overcooked. It looked like they just drizzled some Sirachi on top. The Parmesan shrimps were good, but all they are is just the Garlic Shrimps with parmesan cheese on top. No real master chef stuff going on here. All the shrimps were overcooked, but they were way too small to cook any other way. Then I ordered the fried shrimps. These shrimps were bigger and they were my favorite. If you’re going to have overcooked shrimp, best to have them fried. The lobster mash was good with some nice chunks of lobster sprinkled throughout.

Overall my meal was way worth the money.

Service and Ambiance

My server was excellent, but the bar was dead and it was a Friday night around 6pm. I would have hoped it had great service if it was just me and two other people at the bar, but because the take out station is handled there, the bartender was dealing with that too.

Another negative is, No Happy Hour. WTF? A corporate restaurant like this, and no happy hour? No wonder the bar is dead on a Friday. They need to fix that and then promote the change. The bar is nice too with a dark granite top.  Not sure how long ago they remodeled the restaurant but it looks great. Red Lobster and all franchise restaurants seem to remodel after every five years. So I’ve seen this Red Lobster gradually morph from a casual beach shack decor to an upscale beach restaurant.  I like the new look of the restaurant, the bar area, and the bathrooms were clean as well.

The Verdict

First off it’s not cheap. Easily your bill with two teenagers and two adults with drinks can reach $100 bucks with tip. Now this Endless Shrimp gig is well worth it, so go. They need a happy hour to compete with the other franchise restaurants in the area. That’s a no brainer. Lastly, buy bigger shrimps. Add a dollar to each shrimp dish and just get bigger shrimp. I can’t say I would buy that same dish if it wasn’t all you can eat. The shrimps are too small.

I’m sucker for this place and I highly recommend you go during the Endless Shrimp Promotion. Remember to tell them Dan and Coral Springs Talk sent you. Stay Hungry!

Three beers.


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