Reggae Beets Food Truck Serves Up Healthy Jamaican Cuisine

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Jerk Chicken Mac Snapped

By Agrippina Fadel

When Danielle Perry and Shawn Flowers came up with Reggae Beets Gourmet Food Truck concept in 2017, they had no idea they would be invited to two Super Bowls and become a local favorite for Caribbean cuisine.

North Lauderdale residents, Perry was working as a flight attendant, and Flowers had a career as a dental hygienist before the food truck business began.

“The idea for the food truck originally came from my desire to eat healthily and create recipes that use natural ingredients. I had a dream about buying a truck and selling salads and smoothies on the beach when I was home between my trips,” said Perry.

Starting with a small camper, getting the big RV Reggae Beets truck was a turning moment.

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“It felt like a crazy idea at the time, to really invest and go for it. But we realized that if we want to be successful, we have to take risks,” said Perry.

Reggae Beets Food Truck Serves Up Healthy Jamaican Cuisine

Jerk Jackfruit Bowl from Reggae Beets.

Influenced by her mom, a chef at the Island Fusion Grill in Davie, Perry has been cooking and creating recipes for years and looking for ways to share her passion for Caribbean cuisine and plant-based food. Also, playing volleyball for the Jamaica women’s national volleyball team shaped her love and appreciation for the culture and the island’s cuisine.

“Going to Jamaica, having all the vibrant and enticing local food, and seeing it affected my performance in a positive way was eye-opening,” said Perry.

Reggae Beets Food Truck Serves Up Healthy Jamaican Cuisine

Vegan Philly Jack and Jerk Chicken Philly by Reggae Beats.

Reggae Beets uses Jamaican staples like jackfruit and jerk chicken, creating a hearty menu to power people for the whole day.

“We want to share Jamaican food and are not afraid of getting creative with our recipes while sticking to the natural ingredients,” said Perry, adding that while people were often surprised by the gourmet menu, they quickly grew to love signature jerk jackfruit, vegan mac and cheese, and green smoothies.

Reggae Beets was one of the food trucks serving the tailgating fans at the Miami Dolphins games when the company was invited to work at the VIP area of the 2020 Super Bowl.

Reggae Beets Food Truck Serves Up Healthy Jamaican Cuisine

Reggae Beets’ Danielle Perry and Shawn Flowers.

“It was a great moment for us. We felt that what we were doing was really appreciated. Executing that task well has allowed us other opportunities, and the doors have been opening up since,” said Perry.

The truck was invited to participate in the 2021 Super Bowl in Tampa and became a part of the Miami Dolphins Food Relief program, created to fight food insecurity during the pandemic.

Perry said they visit the Coral Springs area at least once a month, where locals especially love the traditional halal smoked chicken.

Reggae Beets returns to Coral Springs on Saturday, February 19, for a pull-up at the Turtle Run Park.

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