Chabad of Coral Springs Hosts ‘Unite for Israel’ Prayer Ceremony

Chabad of Coral Springs Hosts 'Unite for Israel' Prayer Ceremony

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By Ryan Yousefi

In response to the profoundly troubling images emerging from Israel following an unprecedented invasion by Hamas fighters, the Coral Springs community is uniting in a “Unite for Israel” event on Monday, October 9, at 6:00 p.m. at Chabad of Coral Springs.

The recent events in Israel have shocked people worldwide, as Hamas fighters launched a daring invasion across Israel’s southern border with Gaza. The attack saw them storm Israeli towns, leading to the tragic loss of hundreds of Israeli soldiers and civilians, with no end to the conflict in sight. 

Rabbi Friedman of Chabad of Coral Springs emphasized the importance of solidarity and unity in times of crisis, telling Coral Springs Talk, “In times of crisis, the Jewish people have always relied on our ultimate weapon – the incredible power of coming together in prayer, Torah study, and good deeds.” 

“Every person, and especially the children, can make a difference. In unity, the power of each pure soul is magnified and can effect limitless salvation.”

According to Rabbi Friedman, all Coral Springs residents are welcome to attend the rally focused on sending thoughts and prayers for the welfare of their brothers and sisters in Israel.

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