Wiles Road Landscaping Enhancements Approved in Coral Springs

Coral Springs

By Hank McCoy

A Wiles Road Trafficway Beautification between University Drive and Riverside Drive was approved on Wednesday by the city commission.

Although this is a Broward County project, the Coral Springs commission approved it and will be responsible for maintenance and improvements. 

“We aren’t doing the work; this would be the county. The landscaping enhancements we would have to maintain moving forward,” Commissioner Larry Vignola explained, “I think the landscaping they did on the eastern side of Wiles Road is more in line with what we are looking for.”

There had been some complaints in the past from residents in the area regarding how long the previous work had taken by the county on the eastern side of Wiles. Still, Vignola expressed how he liked the landscaping that was done on the east side of Wiles and that it’s something he believes needs to happen. 

City Manager Frank Babinec confirmed there would be no cost to the city for the beautification.

“Broward County makes all the improvements…but upon completion, the city does take over the maintenance of the landscaping along that corridor,” Babinec explained.

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