Coral Springs Mayor’s Race Featuring Skip Campbell Heating Up

skip-campbell-tom-powersBy: Kartik Krishnaiyer

Reprinted with permission from The Florida Squeeze

Coral Springs was long considered one of the state’s leading cities. Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s it was considered perhaps the best run large city in the state. The city won numerous good government awards, including some national ones. However, since about 2006, Coral Springs has fallen into decline as property values have not kept up with similar municipalities in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Fewer new businesses are starting in the city, and quality of living has declined. The city’s bond rating has been lowered. Coral Springs, once the envy of so many around the state has developed the reputation of a place in decline. During this period the City Commission has gown more conservative and less effective.

This November, four City Commission seats are up for election. One seat, held by City Commissioner Dan Daley, a registered Republican was uncontested, and Daley was reelected. Mayor Vince Boccard, another registered Republican is term-limited, and conservative Tom Powers who has served six years on the City Commission is vying to replace him. When qualifying closed in June, former Mayor Roy Gold, whose progressive leadership has been lauded was the candidate running against Powers.

But Gold soon dropped out, reopening qualifying. Coral Springs has an ordinance that dates back to its foundation over fifty years ago that ensures the ability to reopen candidate qualifying should a candidate drop out or pass away after the deadline. With Gold out of the race, former State Senator and 2006 Democratic nominee for Attorney General Skip Campbell stepped forward and offered his candidacy to lead the city he has long resided in.

Coral Springs is a big city with a lot of big city problems, but has been governed by a small cadre of reactionaries the past few years. The prospect of a prominent Mayor like Campbell can help move the city forward. But the current commission, which has governed the city like a personal fiefdom, just two weeks ago sought to begin a process to prevent the reopening of qualifying again in the future. This came just weeks after the commission pushed personal 60 percent raises.

Campbell’s entrance into the race ensures that Coral Springs will get statewide attention. Powers has strong local connections, but Coral Springs municipal elections have never gotten the amount of attention that this race will. In the coming days and weeks we will be highlighting some of the issues of concern to Coral Springs voters as well as covering all the Commission races, especially the Mayor’s race closely.

Kartik Krishnaiyer is the Editor of The Florida Squeeze, a former Coral Springs resident, he now resides in Coconut Creek, FL. 

  • anela


    “The median sale price for a single-family home in Coral

    Springs increased by nearly 20% since 2010! This is well

    above the national average of 11%..The City maintained AAA bond ratings

    from all three Wall Street agencies

    – a noteworthy feat, given the

    economic climate, and a testament

    to staff’s professionalism and focus.

    As a result of good stewardship,

    the City was also able to keep the

    current millage rate and end the

    fiscal year with a budget surplus..violent crimes are down by nearly 30% since 2010 and

    property crimes are down 8% in the past year alone… the City has attracted national retailers

    over the past year, including Buffalo Wild Wings,

    BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Buca di Beppo,

    Dick’s Sporting Goods and BJ’s Warehouse…In 2013, construction of the three new sports buildings

    was completed – along with murals on each,

    transforming this park into a showcase for the City.The Urban Land Institute brought in a technical assistance

    panel in May 2013 to research and discuss the City’s

    redevelopment of Sample Road and University Drive,

    to include a new City Hall. The proposed City Center site

    currently allows up to 200,000 square feet of commercial

    uses, a 200-room hotel, and 600 high rise residential units.

    • Jack Boland

      All the while allowing the city to deteriorate from within. Drive the neighborhoods and you make the decision as to how well the city is working.

      • Abunchofbullshit

        yeah, mainly do to all the section 8 development during earlier administrations! It certainly didn’t happen in the last few years in case you are just opening your eyes now.

    • tjb

      Being in the retail business with major national big box retailers—I don’t think the City Government has much to do with attracting these businesses—it has more to with the demograhics of the city. I woulld liike to see companies with higher paid professional such as engineers, high-tech developers., etc… now this would require City Officials to do more then to come up with a new slogan

  • Steven

    Are you Reporting or Opining…??? Certainly seems like you are Opining. Are you a News Organization? Try this ..refute Anela’s response below with facts . . She has posted a very compelling set of FACTS…. Otherwise how about simply stating you are an Opinion Column and then we wont expect the FACTS….

      • Steven

        “Coral Springs Talk features News, Views, Politics and Events. ”

        Oh so this is a VIEW not written by your staff.. and someone who does not live in Coral Springs. It would be good if you want to be a news organization at least put it in an Opinion section and if you care to distance yourself (maybe you dont) you could state.. This is not the ‘Opinion of Coral Springs Talk’ so when we read we can know if it is NEWS or VIEWs, which is not your own.. Thank You.

        • It’s filed under news/opinion/politics. Sorry you don’t agree with the author. Maybe you can give substantiated reasons why instead of attacking CST.

          • Steven

            sorry you took it as ‘attacking’ I am simply saying you should be clear what is Opinion and what is News. It will make Coral Springs Talk better.. thank you

  • Mike Rump

    “When qualifying closed in June, former Mayor Roy Gold, whose progressive leadership has been lauded was the candidate running against Powers.” I am curious, who “lauded” Roy Gold?? His mother maybe?? This is a non-partisan office and the entire commission is non partisan. I am curious why the writer of this article finds it important to point out that Roy Gold is a progressive and some of the current commissioners are Republican. Roy Gold is no longer running and this race is non partisan for a reason. This writer clearly has something at stake in this election and clearly wants to editorialize while making this bogus article look like real news. I suggest you give the current office holders equal time since you clearly are totally one sided. Wow!!!

    • Barb

      They also failed to mention he signed up to run just before the qualifying period was up and dropped out a day or two later. Was obviously nothing more than a move to find someone to run or maybe it was just so they wouldn’t know who they were running against and to their credit the commission has put a stop to that ever happening again.

  • jhkilroy

    I dont vote for people named ” skip ” …. never have and never will….. I think I will ‘ skip ‘ passed him on the ballot and vote for the ‘ other ‘ guy…..