Coral Springs Police Award 2019 ‘Service Unit of The Year’ to this Vital Department

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TOP: Records Supervisor Martha Fonte, Stephanie Rutkowski, Maria Iorio, and Marjorie Blair. BOTTOM: Betty Webb, Christina Fiorillo, Luz Currasco, and Keli Kashman.

By Sharon Aron Baron

While Coral Springs Police enforce the law on the streets, the Records Unit enforce order in the office.

Coral Springs Police has named them 2019 Service Unit of The Year Award winners because they are the backbone of the work produced by the police, and are the first contact residents have when they enter the department.

From processing and data entry of reports, traffic citations, and crashes, they are involved in every area as well as being the liaison to the Clerk of Courts and State Attorney’s Office.

The Records Unit reviews all data that is processed to keep data clean and accurate, which is essential to all areas of operations in the police department.

Court Liaison, Marla Iorio, processed, reviewed, and sorted by numerical order all of CSPD’s annual citations to ensure consistency within all systems. She sends them on time to the Clerks of Court once a week within the five-day turnaround time and handles requests about specific cases from the department.

Lobby attendant, Luz Carrasco, ensures all parking citations ar entered in the systems and sends them to the Clerk of Courts within the five-day turnaround. She keeps up with data entry of reports while taking care of all walk-in customers and logging in all visitors, as well as all of the government agency requests.

Christina Fiorillo manages to bar request forms into their database, scanning each one into the case file for officer access. She takes care of all requests from external customers and is accurate, courteous, and quick to respond to all requests.

Keli Cashman, the UCR Specialist, has reviewed over 10,000 reports/supplements to accurately submit reports to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. She is an essential part of filing misdemeanor cases with the SAO and does so while preparing to switch to the new crime reporting program.

Marjorie Blair consolidates and merges names in a critical database and is the back up to Court Liaison.

Betty Webb processes all the adult deferred payments every week and completes than 30 cases a week.

During the year, their hard work and dedication were evident. Stephanie Rutkowski recommended and implemented an improvement to their processes allowing them to more efficiently reach out to residents and minimize the number of delinquent accounts.

Rutkowski was also able to correct a programming error that has helped their alarm tracking software work more efficiently for their records and the residents enrolled.

The Records Unit maintains focus on external/internal customer service. Despite many changes that have come or are still coming for the department, like added responsibilities, the Unit has not been deterred from producing quality work.

While the workload has increased, as a team, they continue to make sure that all the work is completed promptly, and customers leave satisfied with Record’s service.

According to a statement from CSPD, “It is evident that their work is extremely essential to the proper operation of the police department.”

Their efforts reflect great credit to the Records Unit, and the Coral Springs Police Department congratulates them on being their 2019 Service Unit of The Year Award Winners.

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