Coral Springs Man Arrested After Woman Catches Him Fondling Himself Outside Bedroom Window

rosentbergBy: Sharon Aron Baron

A Coral Springs man was arrested and charged with voyeurism after a woman told police she saw him fondle himself outside her window on New Year’s Day.

Around 8:44 p.m. the victim who was visiting from Peru, was lying in bed playing on her cellphone at the Coral Spring Garden apartments at the 3000 block of NW 104 Ave, when she heard noises of a sexual nature coming from outside of the bedroom window.  Initially she believed there was a couple outside having sex, but the moaning got louder to the extent that it sounded like it was coming from inside the room and also sounded as if someone was masturbating and pleasuring themselves.

When the moaning became extremely loud, she looked out the bedroom window and saw a white, bald male standing in front of the window looking inside.  The horizontal blinds were closed except for one blind that does not close properly.  The white male, later identified as Ian Rosenberg, 37,  had to crouch down below his eye level to peer inside the window.

Coral Spring Garden Apartments.

Coral Spring Garden Apartments.

She told police she was scared, but did not scream and told her aunt and cousin that she was staying with, that there was a man standing outside the window – looking inside the bedroom.  One of the relatives responded, “Again?” in response to previous incidents with Rosenberg. The first incident was a week after Thanksgiving where she caught Rosenberg looking inside the bedroom window around 2 a.m. and said he was crouched down, staring into the bottom horizontal blind that does not close properly. The second incident was on New Year’s Eve around 1:50 a.m., where she found him crouched down and asked him “Hello?” at which time Rosenberg stood up and acted like he was talking on the phone.  Neither of these previous incidents were reported to Coral Springs Police.

After this incident on New Year’s Day,  they immediately ran outside and confronted Rosenberg who was walking towards a gold vehicle, and asked him why he was looking inside the window. He denied it and told them he was just walking to his car. 

An unknown dried substance, possibly semen, was found on the wall and floor underneath the bedroom window and was processed as evidence.

Rosenberg was positively identified by the women and was taken into custody where he is being held on $8,000 bond.

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