Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons on the Capitol Riots: ‘What I Saw Today Absolutely Disheartened Me’

By: Jen Russon

Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons, the first African American to hold this title in the history of Coral Springs, expressed his frustration over rioting at the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday.

Simmons released a three-minute video, in which he refused to mince words or spare people’s feelings.

“What I saw today absolutely disheartened me. It was an all-out assault on our Constitution,” he said.

Simmons said his experience as a Black American is something he is proud of, and working every day to make an imperfect country more ideal for everyone is, for him, one of the many reasons he loves the United States.

The vice mayor said he no longer recognized the country he loves after witnessing the events of January 6.

Calling out law enforcement for treating Trump supporters’ violent descent on Washington D.C., with ‘kid gloves’, Simmons voice broke in review of stark contrasts between looting Trump supporters, and peaceful assemblies of Black Lives Matter activists, this summer.

“When Black people came together all across this country, asking to be treated fairly and afforded the same rights in the Bill of Rights and our Constitution, they were met with rubber bullets,” he said.

Simmons shared his video again Thursday, among friends on social media.

“I went to sleep angry and woke up angry. Members of our military do not sacrifice their lives and time with their families to have our country ripped apart from the inside,” he wrote on Facebook.

Simmons, a history teacher at Coral Springs High School, said any member of Congress who rejects their sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution, share in the blame of what happens when a peaceful transition of power ends in sedition.

“History will not let them absolve themselves of their betrayal,” said Simmons.

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