Coral Springs Man Accused of Raping 2 Women, Invoking Voodoo After Attacks

Coral Springs Man Accused of Raping Two Women, Invoking Voodoo After Attacks

Stanley Emmanuel Jeanty

By Kevin Deutsch

Coral Springs Police on Tuesday arrested a resident for sexual battery after he allegedly lured two women to his apartment and sexually assaulted them—then threatened to use voodoo against the victims, police records show.

Detectives with the department’s Special Victims Unit busted Stanley Emmanuel Jeanty, 37, on two counts of Sexual Battery, alleging he used his job to gain the victim’s trust in the September 18, 2021 attack. He is also the primary suspect in a second sexual assault allegedly carried out at his residence one month later, under eerily similar circumstances, according to the documents.

A warrant filed by Coral Springs Police SVU Detective Michelle Gianino said the victim in the September attack had just visited a money transfer business on West Sample Road and was waiting at a bus stop at Riverside Drive when Jeanty drove up offered her a ride.

According to the warrant, she had never seen him before and declined his offer.

Jeanty heard her Haitian accent and began speaking to her in Creole, explaining he was also from Haiti.

“It made her feel comfortable, and she accepted his offer,” the victim told Gianino.

Jeanty told the victim he worked for Spirit Airlines and could help her get a job with the company, police allege. He drove her to his residence on Coral Lake Lane in Coral Springs to help her apply, showing her computers with the airline’s name affixed to them as well as an employee badge “to gain her trust,” according to the warrant.

Jeanty then emailed her a job application, drove her home, and dropped her off, records show. He told her he would return in a few hours to pick her up and complete the application process, the warrant alleges.

Later, he picked her up and brought her back to his residence. There he made her dinner, served her a glass or two of wine, and showed her a U.S. Army identification “to make her feel comfortable,” the court papers state.

But Jeanty’s persistent questions about her personal life made her upset, and she went into his bathroom crying, according to police. When she came out, Jeanty was waiting and physically forced her into the bedroom, where he ripped off her clothes against her will and held her down without consent, the warrant alleges.

Jeanty stopped the attack and took a nude picture of her with his phone, telling her, “don’t do anything stupid,” according to the documents.

He pinned her down again as she tried to escape and attacked her without consent for three to four minutes, the warrant states.

Next, he threatened to kill her and opened his closet to reveal a voodoo altar display with candles, according to the records. He also showed her a female wedding band with clear stones, police allege in the paperwork.

He told the victim he bought the ring for her and loved her, the records show. He also threatened her family with a curse, according to the warrant.

After the attack, Jeanty pointed to a camera on the nightstand and told her it “recorded everything,” but that he could “modify” the video if necessary, the records allege.

In a separate, unrelated case in which Jeanty is the primary suspect, a different victim reported a similar sexual battery at his residence in October, police said. In that attack, Jeanty also described himself as a Spirit Airlines employee, pointed out the same nightstand camera, and again invoked voodoo, the records show.

Gianano wrote that Jeanty’s “pattern of behavior establishes that he has escalated over the months to include strangers and his predatory nature towards vulnerable females is concerning to the public safety.”

Police said Jeanty also has ties to Margate and is known in the local Haitian community.

Due to the possibility that other victims may exist, police said the public is asked to contact Gianino with any relevant information at 954-346-1789 or

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