Man Arrested For Theft at Coral Springs Home Depot: Attempts to Flee on a Bus

Dominic Furia

By Ryan Yousefi

A man was arrested for second-degree theft after shoplifting from a Coral Springs Home Depot and attempting to flee the scene on a city bus.

Dominic Furia, 47, of Margate, was placed under arrest outside the Home Depot located at 750 North University Drive after employees witnessed him putting power tools in his cart, bypassing all registers without paying, and attempting to leave the scene on a bus.

The Coral Springs Police Department responded to a call from Home Depot on June 18 at 1:56 p.m. that indicated a retail theft had occurred and that the suspect, Furia, was boarding a city bus with the stolen merchandise.

Employees told police they witnessed Furia place a heavy-duty jigsaw and compact drill kit worth a combined $348 into his shopping cart. Allegedly, he then proceeded to roll his cart beyond all point of sale locations in the store and into the parking lot without ever attempting to pay. 

Home Depot employees confronted Furia about the theft once he reached the parking lot, but, according to the police report, he told them he didn’t steal anything, then fled the scene.

Employees quickly returned inside the store and reported the crime.

CSPD later intercepted Furia before he could board the city bus. Home Depot quickly decided to move forward with pressing charges.

According to the report, Furia has a history of theft. On at least two prior occasions, he was arrested in Broward County for retail theft.

Furia was placed under arrest and transported to CSPD for booking, then later transferred to the Broward County jail.

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Ryan Yousefi

Ryan Yousefi
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