MEDNAX Awards Four $20,000 Scholarships to Marjory Stoneman Douglas Seniors

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In 2020, MEDNAX offered two MSD Strong Scholarship. Julia Suconic and Zoe Gordon each received $20,000.

By Jill Fox and Sharon Aron Baron

One of the largest neonatology physician-led organizations in the country continues awarding scholarships to Marjory Stoneman Douglas seniors.  This year, instead of two, they are offering four-$20,000 scholarships.

MEDNAX, based in Sunrise, FL, believes that with a little help, all children can overcome adversity and grow up to positively impact the world. 

With just under 16,000 employees, MEDNAX is a national medical group that comprises the nation’s leading providers of neonatal, anesthesia, maternal-fetal, and pediatric medical and surgical subspecialty services in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. 

On February 14, 2018, the son of their associate vice president of finance lost five friends and his cross-country coach, Scott Beigel, in the massacre.

Todd Foote struggled for weeks trying to figure out how he could get involved and give back by doing something for the families and students after their lives were shattered.

With the support of the CEO of the $4 billion-dollar company, he came up with a sustainable idea: As president of the MEDNAX Supporting Students Foundation, he helped create the MEDNAX MSD Strong Scholarship. This is where seniors can further their education and become an inspiration to others, while scholarship funds provide financial assistance to them as undergraduates.

Foote explained that MEDNAX helps children survive difficult challenges in those first days of life, so they felt a great natural connection to the next stage in kids’ lives when they’re leaving high school and moving into their adult life.

The scholarship selection process focuses on academic performance, leadership potential, community service, volunteering, and financial need. Students explain how they will make a difference in the world in an included essay as well. 

This May, they will award four $20,000 scholarships — with $5,000 going towards each of their four years of college.

Foote understands there are many causes to support but encourages the public to consider donating to his foundation.

“My focus is to build as much money as possible to make sure that Marjory Stoneman Douglas seniors are taken care of for years to come,” he said.

Please fill out the attached application, along with approved documentation, and return it to Ms. Veronica Ziccardi, MSD Director of Guidance, by March 31, 2021, at 2:30 p.m.  Please do not contact MEDNAX.

To donate to the MEDNAX Supporting Students Foundation, visit here.
Mednax MSD Strong Scholarship – 2021 Instructions

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