Our April Fool’s Joke Goes Viral


By: Sharon Aron Baron

On Friday, our April Fool’s Day joke went viral and received over 90,000 hits. A few residents were initially fooled, but many were on their guard, after all, it was April Fool’s Day.

The good sports in all of this? Coral Springs Mayor Walter “Skip” Campbell and Parkland’s Mayor Michael Udine. Despite all of the calls they received, they had a good time and showed what a great sense of humor they both have.


The Coral Springs City Commission “claiming” their new annexed city in April Fool’s joke

There were a few people calling their city halls, so the City of Parkland issued a message to their residents which prompted the Sun-Sentinel to write a story. Although many people thought it was funny and got the gag, a few people were not so happy. One angry realtor had a client who threatened to cancel his closing in Parkland if his home was now going to be in the City of Coral Springs.

Another person who doesn’t even live in the area wrote, “How unprofessional and irresponsible. As an elementary teacher for 42 years I thought jokes like this were for 9 year olds and people younger…this is disgusting and not funny at all.”  She later added that employees at Parkland City Hall were tied up answering calls all day, however, Todd DeAngelis, city spokesman told the Sun Sentinel that they only received seven phone calls.

Some of the feedback we received:



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